Tears Come In My Eyes When I Meditate


Whenever I meditate and visualise God or Guru I get very emotional and eyes get teary. Even when I saw the blue circle of the spiritual eye I got emotional & I couldn’t enjoy the moment of seeing that. Due to tears in my eyes I had to open my eyes and wipe my tears. Help me understand why does this happen and how can I not get so emotional while meditating. It gets distracting.

—Prachi, India


Dear one,

These tears are holy. God gets touched by them.

Just try to take your deep feeling more toward a still devotion. Don’t tone it down, let it be just as deep, but more intimate, silent, more from your heart to the heart of God, very inwardly.

Bhakti is the greatest gift, but it must be guided into silence.

You can try singing a loving chant to God or Guru, then get softer, softer, whispering, silent. That is how your precious devotion should be guided.

Pronam to your holy soul,