I Trust Divine Mother But When I Face a Challenge, Is It Alright to Ask Her for Help?


Over time, I believe I have really strengthened my relationship with Divine Mother and Guru, and I love engaging with them in various ways. At this point I trust them so much that I don’t really ask them for what I want. But I feel when I face a challenge I should ask them for help and connect with them. What is the best way to ask for help, and more importantly, how do I stay patient, listen for their answers, and receive answers? Or should I be more spiritually evolved to merit their answers?

—Pooja, Japan


Dear Pooja,

You fully merit their answer, because you are their true devotee.

It is a sign of advancement not to ask anything anymore from Divine Mother and Guru, just their presence, just to be a channel for them, just to understand how to do the right thing.

When you face a challenge, it is completely alright to ask their help. Then be happy with whatever they give, much or little outer help. They always bless you, that is for sure.

The best way to receive their answer is at the end of meditation. You ask them at the spiritual eye your question. Then stay very still, get into your heart, and sensitively feel their answer. You will be guided. They are with you and love you.

In divine friendship,