Shall I Write Letters to a Saint?


Is it a good practice to write letters to Master or some other saint?

—Nityaa Sinha, India


Dear Nityaa!

Yes, of course: do write letters. I love to write letters. (In the case of saints, what’s the address?!) Rather than run a monologue through your mind throughout the day, run a dialogue with God and the gurus! Nothing worse than someone who talks all the time but doesn’t listen for a response, right?

God and the saints love to hear from us: whether in wordless whispers, the silent language of our hearts, or from the printed page. “God watches the heart” and has everything in the world, and is everything in Creation, but we have been given the free choice of our hearts to seek Him, to love Him, to serve Him. This is the one thing God does not have. As Krishna says in the Gita, “Even a leaf I accept if offered with devotion.”

Write therefore on the leaf-parchment of your heart — letters, stories, even books to God.

Remember, however, to listen for the divine reply!

Joy to you!
Nayaswami Hriman