Fear of Aging


I shall turn 28 tomorrow, the 9th of September. I’ve undergone intense mental and physical suffering as a teenager. I’m unable to accept the natural process of ageing & the truth that we suffer with age, when I reckon with the past. Life is just human agony to me. I’ve taken all my inspiration from my eternal father, Mahavatar Babaji, as there’s a void, where a father’s place should be. Yoga has all answers & through the same, I yearn to be able to stop ageing or, to reverse it. Jai Guru 🙏.

—Nirupama Johri, India


Dear Nirupama,

You are still young and aging surely has not shown its face to you. Mahavatar Babaji and a few other great masters, may be retaining their physical forms for countless centuries, but you and I are not likely to do the same. Immortality is of the Spirit — the Atman — not the body. In fact, if we were never to die we would eventually suffer the burden of so many memories, so many friends who have come and gone, that we too would long for our own demise. Rejoice that life has been given to you and that in the relatively short space of a human life you have the opportunity to overcome attachments, desires and fears.

Consider Krishna’s words to Arjuna that the soul can never die. All we have to do is make the effort to draw the grace that we might shed our identification with the body and personality in favor of identification with the indwelling Spirit. Death is not a burden; it is a temporary release from the cage of bones and flesh that hems in our omnipresent Soul. The life of the soul is the life within you. Pranayama, especially Kriya Yoga, helps us discover eternal life within us and to live in this world free and without attachment. This is the blessing that Mahavatar Babaji has gifted to all who sincerely seek the mystic key of Kriya. Fear not and rejoice in the light of your own soul. We are told that anyone who thinks of Babaji with reverence will receive an instant blessing. Do this and seek initiation into kriya yoga as soon as you can. Be free in your Self.

Nayaswami Hriman