My Dad Passed Away – I Live in a Foreign Country and Feel Guilty That I Was Far Away


Hi. My dad Sundara Vadivel passed away at the age of 59 from liver failure. I am the only son and live in Australia, while he was in India. He had been suffering from mental illness (bipolar, schizophrenic) for the past 30 years. The medication killed his liver. He was a very intelligent, kind, and helpful person. In front of his passing, i feel sad and depressed, on and off, and unable to overcome his death. Can i communicate with him? I feel guilty to have settled in Australia.

—Sabarish, Australia


Dear Sabarish,

I am very sorry for your loss. Please don’t feel guilty to have settled in Australia. We all have to follow our calling, our dharma, and sometimes it takes us away from our family, just as it took Yogananda away from his father and home in Kolkata, to go to the USA.

It will take time to get over the pain of having lost your father. Sending him light and love will help him, with raised hands, as we do at Ananda. Pray for him. He is completely alive, as you know, just in a subtle body.

You can project loving thoughts to him from your spiritual eye. Concentrate there and visualize his eyes and spiritual eye, and send him positive thoughts and affection. They might not arrive consciously (that would take a highly advanced person) but vibrationally, your energy and love will certainly arrive and be a blessing for him.

It sounds like it was time for your father to leave this earthly plane. 30 years of such suffering was long enough. He is happier now. Be glad for him and send him your love and friendship. Try as best as you can to pull yourself out of the depression. Everything is in the good hands of God.

May He bless you,