Ego Self-Involvement


How to overcome pride and excessive self-involvement? I struggle a lot with these bad qualities and don’t know how to get rid of them

—XYZ, India


Dear Friend,

Egoism is both the root of our problems and at the same time the impetus for our journey towards ego-transcendence.

As to pride, consider the great souls of human history: saints, heroes, martyrs, geniuses……can your “pride” possibly compare with these great souls? Consider, too, what is greatness, anyway? You live a few decades, die, and are forgotten. How could anything one person do be of any value or significance to anyone but himself? Demolish pride with the cold reality of your (and everyone’s) complete insignificance in the face of a universe so vast and so seemingly eternal that we are but a speck of dust! Some yogis meditate in graveyards at night, amidst the skulls, to remind themselves of that simple fact: dust to dust are we, this body and this fragile personality.

Our significance lies in the simple fact that we are manifestations of light, energy, and bliss from the Supreme Spirit whose existence is the source for all creation. Get to know the Creator and the Creator will reveal to you whatever you need to know about the Creation to fulfill your karma. Devotion to God as the sole Reality is the one-way ticket to total Freedom! Mentally bow before that which alone is One!

The only real inquiry worthy of pursuit is to ask, “Who am I?” “What is this life flowing in my veins? Could it be other than divine?”

Devotion is the key: united in daily meditation to God or one of the divine manifestations (peace, love, joy, vitality, aum, light, the guru, a deity); selflessly serving God in whatever form, human or duties, is our dharma to serve; returning our thoughts moment to moment to indwelling One. These are the sacred keys of awakening; to shed the skin of the ego-snake to emerge a butterfly of Eternity.

Rejoice! Reject the imposter ego strutting on the stage of your consciousness, attempting to usurp the Soul of Bliss within you. Chant as the Adi Shankara did: “I am He, I am He, blessed Spirit I am He!

Joy and blessings to you,
Nayaswami Hriman