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Problems with Pranayama

Dear Mahesh, Thank you for contacting us. The goal of pranayama, as I imagine you know, is energy control (this being the literal English translation of the word). We can gain control of our energy through breathing exercises and other ... Read More

When will Yogananda be reborn?

Dear David, Thank you for your question. It’s possible that the quote you’re remembering is from one of Yogananda’s talks in Man’s Eternal Quest, The Divine Romance, or Journey to Self-Realization. I’m sorry, I don’t know which book it may ... Read More

The three aspects of mind

Dear Harish, Thank you for writing. Yogananda explained that the three aspects of our mind are conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. (The term is “unconscious” sometimes to used to imply “beyond our consciousness awareness.” But “unconscious” can also mean “an absence ... Read More

The power of intuition

Dear Harish, Thank you for your question. Great yogis are able to accomplish such feats through intuition. Intuition is a talent possessed by everyone, in varying degrees. Yogananda said, “Intuition is the soul’s power of knowing God.” Through intuition we ... Read More

Does hearing loss affect meditation?

Dear Ravi, Thank you for your question. Color blindness and hearing deficiency do not hinder a person’s ability to meditate. Once Swami Kriyananda was asked, “if you lose your hearing, would you lose your ability to hear the AUM sound ... Read More

Learning Kriya Yoga

Dear Shravan, Hello! We’re glad to hear of your interest in kriya yoga. Perhaps the easiest option would be to take the Ananda classes on-line at or as a home study course. As for other organizations, I’m afraid I ... Read More

Can the Guru Guide without Giving Initiation?

Dear Shrey, Thank you for your question — it is an important one. When the student first takes up the spiritual search, God sends him or her books and lesser teachers. As the student begins to seek intensely, God sends ... Read More

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