When will Yogananda be reborn?


30 years ago I read a quote from one of Yogananda's books where he stated that his next rebirth would be in something like 150 years at a center of learning, high in the himalayas, at a time of great technological advancement and when the world would be in great peace. What book is this from and how many years did he say?

—David St. Clair, USA


Dear David,

Thank you for your question. It’s possible that the quote you’re remembering is from one of Yogananda’s talks in Man’s Eternal Quest, The Divine Romance, or Journey to Self-Realization. I’m sorry, I don’t know which book it may appear in.

Regarding Yogananda’s next incarnation, Swami Kriyananda writes in The New Path:

His next life on earth, Master told us, would be spent in the Himalayas. Having devoted so much of his present life to public service, he planned to remain for many years of that incarnation in deep seclusion. ‘In my later years,’ he told us, ‘I will gather about me those who are close to me now.’ To most of his close women disciples he said, ‘You will come as men in that life.’ Only to Mrs. Brown, as far as I know, did he say that she would come again as a woman. Two hundred years would elapse, he told us, before his next incarnation.

Two hundred years from Master’s passing would be 2152. It stands to reason that this would be a time of greater technological advancement. As for a time a great peace — we can certainly hope!

I hope this helps.

Joy to you,