Through Meditation I Have Become Very Sensitive


Jai guru!!! Namaste, I’m Rahul, from India.
I have gone through the Autobiography of a Yogi. A few years ago, 6 years back, I came in contact with Yogananda through one of my friends and started applying the techniques of Guruji, like Hong Sau and third eye meditation. Before that I was into vishvas meditation: it consists in watching the thoughts during meditation.
Now i react to things I see and hear, and it’s very painful. How to guard my mind, as is explained in the Bible? Certain words and things I see disturb my mind’s peace.

So pls guide me with tips & guidance.

—Rahul , India


Dear Rahul,

Meditation makes us more subtle, more receptive, more open. Sometimes, as a reaction, we become more fragile, more reactive, or more sensitive to outer impulses. You react to certain words and things you see, more than before.

The teachings say that at the same time, while becoming sensitive, we need to become very strong, centered, and stable inside, so that nothing really touches us, even if the world itself should crash.

How to do that?

You need to strengthen your energy, your inner strength, and your earth element. Paramhansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises are wonderful; if done strongly, they give a sense of power and energy. The stronger your energy, the stronger your magnetism; and that magnetism will protect you, make you less reactive.

It is good to do sports.

It is good to affirm, when you hear or see things that disturb you: “I am in peace. Nothing can disturb my inner balance.”

You can also mentally keep your Guru at your side, and things won’t affect you very much.

Slowly you will become stronger, while remaining receptive and subtle.

In divine friendship,