I Feel I Don’t Belong to this Planet, But to Another


Hello. Thanks for this opportunity. I constantly feel that I don’t belong to Earth. I feel it is a prison. I like spiritual things such as reading Vedanta philosophy, listening to Krishna bhajans and chants, reading about yoga and meditation. I sometimes meditate before sleeping, but due to life circumstances I can’t do practices and Kriya Yoga, but I have interest. Also I feel I am not from the earth realm but from some other planet. I feel called to being a "Pleidian starseed". What should I do?

—Aadya, India


Dear Aadya,

You should do two things:

1) You are here on earth for a reason, to learn specific things. It is not a mistake. Do your best to grow here, to love, to serve, to express your soul qualities as a child of God. Say YES to life.

2) At the same time, keep your longing for a higher realities, especially for God. In truth your home is not “Pleidian starseed” either. It is freedom in God. That’s where your eternal home is. Forget the higher planets. They are each still a prison, just subtler one. Go to Him, to complete freedom.

I don’t understand how you have time for reading Vedanta, listening to Bhajans, reading about yoga and meditation, but no time for practices. All these things you are doing are wonderful, to be kept alive, but maybe take some of that time for some practice of meditation. It will bring you closer to the higher worlds. If you are interested in Kriya Yoga, pray to God and he will help you find a way to meditate regularly and apply for Kriya Yoga.

God bless you,