Mary Kretzmann is the director of the Ananda Sangha Worldwide Healing Prayer Ministry, and author of Finding God in Your Family, available free online.

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Dear Cortney, I am so sorry for the loss of your best friend who died while in prison. Since you feel that it may have been a suicide, I am offering you this article that I wrote several years ago, ... Read More

Spiritual Protection for Baby

Thank you for your question and for your loving concern for your baby. Your question raises several concerns, and I want to offer to your some practical yet powerful suggestions. Babies, who are fresh from the astral world, can often ... Read More

Bless Your Space

Thank you for your question which has several elements, so I will try to answer all of them. Here are some suggestions on how to protect yourself taken from a previous answer on this topic, written by Pranaba: Before going ... Read More

Meditation and Devotion

Thank you for your questions. regarding Hong-Sau — it is a vast topic, but in general it is a technique to develop concentration to take you deeper into that technique, and other spiritual techniques. This Hong-Sau review may answer some ... Read More


Thank you for your question. It may be “nothing” or it could be an intuition of something that will need healing. Try to spend more time in the next few days seeking to receive further insight, if it is indeed ... Read More

Should I Have Children?

Thanks for your question, Tanya. Parenthood is a big commitment, and you show spiritual maturity in your recognition of that fact. In the big questions of life, it is good to seek inner guidance. It has been a great blessing ... Read More

How to Overcome the Struggles of Life

Dear Tania, I am very sorry to read of the many hardships that your family is facing. I will provide you with some Ananda spiritual resources that can help you through these difficult times. Request Healing Prayers for your father. ... Read More

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