We receive many prayer requests from many people hoping to find love as well as those who have lost love through death or divorce. Either way, their hearts are hurting…

When faced with such challenges, we can use the prayers and techniques given to us by our Guru, while also resting in the knowledge that we are all loved by God and we can expand into that Divine Love.

Yogananda’s Prayer for Expanding Love

O Divine Mother, teach me to use the gift of Thy love in my heart to love the members of my family more than myself. Bless me, that I may love my neighbors more than my family. Expand me, so that I love my country more than my neighbors, and that I love my world and all human brethren more than my country, neighbors, family and myself. Lastly, teach me to love Thee more than anything else, for it is Thy love with which I love everything. Without Thee, I cannot love anybody or anything.

Father Divine, teach me to enter through the portals of family love, and through the love of my friends, into the mansion of wider social love. Teach me, then, to pass through the doors of social love into the wider mansion of international love. Teach me to pass through the portals of international love into the endless territory of divine love, in which I may perceive all objects both animate and inanimate, as breathing and living by Thy love.

Teach me to tarry not at any of the fascinating but lesser shrines of family, social or international love. Teach me to pass beyond these minor gods, confined as their dominion is to small territories of selfish, human love, until passing through the last gate of selfless love, I enter into the endless territory of divine love, where I shall find all living, semi-living or sleeping things to be my own.

More Here: Prayers for True and Lasting Love…

Heart Chakra Affirmation by Yogananda

…from Divine Will Healing, Page 65

Sometimes heartbreak can lead to health issues, especially if it has caused a decrease in a person’s enthusiasm for life. This affirmation when used with sincerity and dedication, can bring a new receptivity to healing.

Close your eyes, concentrate on the heart throb, and repeat with devotion and feeling:

“Thou art Love, Thou art Love; I am Thine, Thou art mine; I am Thine, Thou are mine; I am love, I am love; love is healthy, love is perfect; I am healthy, I am love, I am whole, I am perfect.” 

Happy Saint Valentines’ Day

I wrote this blog post five years ago but, since it is timeless for this time of year, I am linking to it again.  It contains something for everyone:

  • Special quotes from Yogananda on love
  • Prayers for finding love
  • And a beautiful story about St. Valentine

Thank you for your healing prayers. Please feel free to forward this on to others and to invite them to join us in praying for others, as well.

May you be deeply blessed,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry


  1. Prayers for healing for Ed Fitzpatrick. He had a complete tracheostomy (due to failed cancer treatments) and reconstruction of his throat after the removal of his voice box one week ago. He is home much earlier than expected, however…. the skin that was removed from his left leg for the graft had a hematoma and he had to be rushed back in for another surgery to stop the bleeding. He is home now, but the leg continues to be a big concern for his doctors.
    Also continued prayers that the throat graft that encompasses the entire inside of his throat continues to grow and heal and is not rejected. Ed’s attitude has changed from hopeless to joyful and he is determined to be strong and to get through this. Prayers for Healing of Body, Mind and Soul . Blessings and Joy to All..

  2. Hello to Mary and all beautiful healing prayer friends!
    I will not make todays online meeting, but i will be with you in spirit.
    Update: my brother, Ed Fitzpatrick, is finally home again from the hospital and healing from his extensive tracheotomy & larynectomy. He will explore electronic voice devices as soon as he is completely healed.
    Prayers for continued courage and strength for him and his wife. Katy.
    Prayer request: For my girlfriends sister, Mary Theresa Monaghan, age 61yrs she lives on Long Island, NY- she has had several mild strokes and doctor’s want to do surgery to relieve the pressure in the brain, she refused treatment so she could be home with her son, Michael Monaghan, age 32, who lives with her and is an active alcoholic. Prayers for healing of Body, Mind and Spirit and that they both seek the help that they need.
    Thank You Dear Souls!🙏

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