Meditation and Devotion


I do Hong Sau meditation daily very exactly. What I can hope for, as I don’t understand what to expect. I have tears but I don’t understand how it works within me. Would you encourage me with hope? I am 75 years but very alive with love & life. I have had deep depression intermittently. It’s illusion and I want to get so deeply connected with Divine Mother. My longing is intense. I don’t count suffering. I only want Her, to be deeply close. I'll do anything to have peace. I have great love.

—Rosemary Crawford, South Africa


Thank you for your questions. regarding Hong-Sau — it is a vast topic, but in general it is a technique to develop concentration to take you deeper into that technique, and other spiritual techniques.

This Hong-Sau review may answer some of your questions. take a look and see if it helps you.

In your question, I sense spiritual sincerity but perhaps also a need for more devotion in order to develop a deeper connection with Divine Mother. Please read over this article, below, to see if there are any improvements that you want to make at this time:

8 Ways to Develop Devotion

Finally, you mention deep depression that comes over you from time to time. The above suggestions will help you with that, but I also suggest this affirmation by Paramhansa Yogananda. Take a look at the video in the link and not the importance of lifting your mind to the spiritual eye as you do the affirmation. This simple but powerful practice can help you to regain your positive outlook on life.

If you feel called to such service, it can also be very helpful to prayer for others. This allows us to act as Divine instruments. Paramhansa Yogananda teaches us that “the instrument is blessed by what flows through it.” This has helped many devotees to find the divine connection that they were longing for. If you like, you can sign up to join the Healing Prayer Ministry. Try it for 3-6 months and see what you think. Many people remark that it is is one of the most meaningful parts of their meditation practices.

Many Blessings,
Mary Kretzmann
Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry