Every aspect of this world needs healing at one time or another, yet some events show signs of becoming worldwide crisis. We can send healing for those facing the crisis in China. We can offer prayers with hope that further damage is mitigated or averted.

I’ve watched the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, renamed COVID19, waiting to see if the virus dies out naturally. It’s spreading more widely throughout the world though. Some areas appear more protected than others, for now, from severity and fatality.

Please also see my update: “Healing a Viral Crisis – Part 2 “

Spiritual Protection

In addition to your regular spiritual practices such as meditation and Kriya Yoga, you can also benefit from the following techniques, keeping your mind full of healing light. Use this affirmation from  Scientific Healing Affirmations, by Paramhansa Yogananda to surround yourself with a protective aura and send healing light within and around every cell of your body:

My body cells are made of light,
My fleshly cells are made of Thee.
They are perfect, for Thou art perfect;
They are healthy, for Thou art Health;
They are Spirit, for Thou art Spirit;
They are immortal, for Thou art Life.

Try to keep your mind focused at the spiritual eye throughout the day. Yogananda said that the more we can do this, the faster we will grow spiritually. He offered a mantra to say while we do so: “Aum, Christ, Bliss” or, alternatively, “Aum, Spirit, Bliss.”  Repeating this mantra calmly and mindfully helps me keep my mind uplifted at the spiritual eye for longer periods during the day, as well as in quiet moments before offering healing prayers. See if it helps you too.

Physical Protection

Besides practicing good hygiene, there are other things you can do to help your body be strong enough to fight off infections. In Yogananda’s day, there were only relatively few known “supplements” but he did recommend some. One was cod liver oil, somewhat surprising because he advocated a vegetarian lifestyle. But cod liver oil is a dependable source of both vitamins A and D, helpful in fighting viruses.

Dr. David Brownstein, in “Corona Virus: What To Do,” discusses modern-day use of vitamins A, C and D to fight viruses. I put his information to use during a recent bad cold and found it  helpful. Sticking with the tried and true source, you could go for NOW brand “extra strength” cod liver oil capsules. The taste is mild enough that both my grandchildren took it when I asked, “Who wants some of the magic oil that Yogananda said helps kids to get better?” My granddaughter, age five, held out her hand, took a large capsule, chewed it up and asked for more. My grandson, seven, had one, too, without complaint.

Yogananda advocated consciously drawing sunlight’s energy into the body as a powerful source of healing. See Divine Will Healing for more on this.

Prayers for the World

Some situations are complex and often it’s not fitting to simply pray, “Make it stop.” Sometimes deeper world healing happens through global crises or effects of mass karma, but even then I find my heart reaching out in prayer to the suffering in midst of that karma.

Kuan Yin at Chrystal Hermitage Gardens

I also try to pray for the bigger picture. I’ve wondered whether the current China crisis will serve ultimately to soften a political system that has lacked in compassion and human rights. Although China has come a long way, I found myself praying for the spiritual freedom and upliftment of the country. I prayed to Divine Mother in the form of Kuan Yin and our line of Gurus to bless China, that it throw off the chains of communism’s atheism.

Kuan Yin is one of the most beloved and popular Eastern divinities. A physically and spiritually beautiful Chinese goddess of mercy, compassion and protection, her name means, “She who hears prayers.”

  Divine Mother hears every prayer sent her way.

I pray also for all other nations that they are protected from the scourge of this virus.

Please send your prayers for all souls to awaken in Divine Light. Share your thoughts and questions with us below. We all learn from each other.

Blessings to All,
Mary Kretzmann-White

Read more: How to do prayers for planetary healing. We welcome new members to join this sacred endeavor of praying for others.

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

PS: UPDATES will occasionally be added here:

  • Some known dietary antivirals are raw, fresh ginger, and oregano oil. Dosages are unclear but they can be used as part of a healing regimen when hit with a virus. I like Biotics Research ADP oregano oil when I can find it.  I understand that some people double or triple the doses (spreading them out) for short periods when fighting a viral infection. I keep it in the cabinet, just in case. It is not a daily supplement, it can be used for up to 3 weeks, then a break is to be taken. I’m posting all this because medicine offers so little to counter viruses and because 80% of our pharmaceuticals or their ingredients are made in China. So with quarantines, combined with a global pandemic, a supply line problem may emerge.


  1. Thank you so much dear Mary ?? Just today I was thinking of what I could actively start to do, for both protection and in-service to all. Your post provides so many ideas and is so timely! Love, Dipti ?

    1. https://www.ananda.org/healing-prayers/wp-content/themes/ananda-worldwide/images/layout/joy-symbol-avatar.png

      You are most welcome. In terms of service to all – I bought a little extra of some items, so I could help family and friends. Swamiji also recommended having extra foods on hand in cases of a crisis.

  2. Thank you, Mary, for stepping forward to meet this crisis with powerful prayer and healing. I think it’s important to get some mass action on it too, and likely other groups are rallying as well. Peace, Shanti.

  3. regarding corona virus..sometimes i am forced to believe that this was destined to come …as a boomrang to mass negative karma…. the treatment of animals in this part of the world is horrifying.. for eg animals bolied live for good taste of their tender skin….dogs cats….i have seen videos…. it is really soffocating.. korea, vietnams and …unless this is stopped by raise in conciousness via meditation prayers….
    ananda should take the lead globally to make the world 100% vegan….the torture of all the animals (voiceless souls) every day in slaughter house…is the worst form of genocide a human can commit,,,
    u can ask for divine guidance from Yogananda ji.. how to go about it…. but the Vegan Movement is getting tremendous momentum with the speech at the OSCAR function of tthe actor Mr Joaquin Pheneix for the best actor award,,, instead of speaking about his role ,,the entire speech was dedicated for his concern for the animals which are killed daily….this was watched by millions all over the world …and i beleive has pushed the vegan movement to a diffrent orbit.. but more needs to b done… a divine guidance as how to go about it will b very much appreciated…

    1. https://www.ananda.org/healing-prayers/wp-content/themes/ananda-worldwide/images/layout/joy-symbol-avatar.png

      Thanks, Ramesh. I agree that there are many factors in that part of the world – air pollution and the intense diet may be contributing to the crisis on many levels. However, I don’t feel to lead a movement for 100% veganism. Even vegetarianism would be a big improvement in China for the things you describe. I buy my eggs from a family nearby, and raw milk from a small organic dairy. If people can find conscientious suppliers, that is very good. Paramhansa Yogananda did not advocate for 100% veganism… But – yes, of course – do be kind to animals.

    2. How true. Thankyou for your insights. I have felt the same way for a long time. Om Shanti

  4. Dear Mary,

    Thanks a lot, for every thing.


  5. Dear Mary, thank you from my heart for your very timely, much needed blogpost with just the right wisdoms and recommendations for what is going on with the spreading corona virus. I live in Southern California (Orange County) and wasn’t aware until your email that there are now 5400 people quarantined voluntarily in the state.

    I just subscribed to the blog as you suggested, thank you!

    Blessings and love to you and all! It’s such a joy to be part of the Healing Prayer Circle and Ananda Worldwide Family!


    1. Hi Vivi, just reaching out. I live in Orange County too 🙂

  6. Sri Yukteswar insisted Yogananda have lime juice with every meal when he was sick. Why? Lime juice is alkaline reacting in the body. All flours tend to create acidity. Most grains – Millet being an exception also react acidly in the body. So?


    Dr. Otto Warburg was born in 1883 in Freiburg, Germany. He studied under Emil Fischer in Berlin, until receiving a Doctorate in Chemistry in 1906. By the age of twenty-eight, he also received a Doctorate in Medicine.

    He spent a significant portion of his life studying oxygen consumption and fermentation. In 1928, he released the well-known paper, “The Chemical Constitution of Respiration Ferment”, where he differentiates the energy consumption between regular body cells and cancer cells. In the paper, Warburg highlights that regular body cells acquire energy through oxygen, making them obligate aerobes (for those of us who don’t have a background in science – that means they require oxygen to survive). Whereas cancer cells can split glucose into lactic acid through the process of fermentation to survive, making them partial anaerobes (meaning they don’t need oxygen to survive).

    “No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.
    r. Otto Warburg

    For his work on the aerobic and anaerobic metabolic processes in cells, Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology Or Medicine in 1931. He suggested that cancer cells “live in hypoxic, very low oxygen, and acidic conditions and derive energy from sugars by fermenting them the way yeast does”. As cancer progresses, the body becomes more and more acidic as its pH drops below 7.35. His discoveries were revolutionary for their time, and contributed greatly to what we know about cancer today.

    The pH scale ranges from 1 (highly acidic) to 14 (highly alkaline), while your body’s pH usually hovers between 7.35 and 7.4. Unfortunately, most of the foods that people consume today are full of sugar, preservatives, and genetically modified organisms – which all contribute to acidity in the body. The most alkaline foods are vegetables, as well as some fruits, grains, nuts, and alkaline water. Helping your body neutralize some of its acidity is crucial for maintaining your overall health.

    Affirmations and daily kapalavathi – skull shining breath can do much to change our Body’s environment. The tap the chest and arm swing “I am Positive” tap the chest and arm swing “I am Energetic”, and tap the chest and arm swing “I am Enthusiastic” of the Super Conscious Living Exercises are especially powerful. This is very similar to the work of Diamond and Goodheart – The Thymus Thump The Thymus Thump

    Iodine ( good natural source: Kombu Seaweed from Maine) also add Oxygen to the system by increasing its transport. It is also an alkaline metal and was used extensibly before antibiotics for many conditions. Also very helpful for Breast Cancer.

  7. Thank you Mary, for getting back to me with such ease…I´m thrilled.

    with love from Denmark

  8. Thank you Mary for creating this group. It seems that this COVID-19 is spreading faster to many countries now. We have many countries here in Europe that is affected. As of todays our local news ( Austria), there are 10 cities in Italy under lockdown because of corona virus.
    Another most important Physical Protection according to Med Cram To fight this COVID-19 ist good night sleep (7-8 hrs or more) to boost the immune system of the body.

    Many Blessings to All,

  9. https://www.ananda.org/healing-prayers/wp-content/themes/ananda-worldwide/images/layout/joy-symbol-avatar.png

    Judith D – a longtime member of our prayer group sent in this information on possible homeopathic solutions written by Alan V. Schmukler:

    “…Homeopathy has a long and incredibly successful history in treating and/or preventing epidemics including smallpox, cholera, diphtheria, malaria, yellow fever, meningitis, polio, leptospirosis and the deadly Spanish Flu of 1918. During that flu, which killed up to 50 million people worldwide, homeopaths had a 98% cure rate 2 .

    Being also effective against viruses, which antibiotics are not, homeopathy offers a powerful, safe, effective and fast response to epidemic diseases. In a given outbreak, homeopaths can determine the symptoms affecting the majority of patients and then arrive at one or a few remedies which cover most cases. Those “genus epidemicus” remedies will often work to prevent the disease as well.

    The entire process of determining the remedy and making it in sufficient quantity could be accomplished rather quickly. It’s so inexpensive to manufacture that the poorest country could easily afford to medicate an entire population. Medical professionals and even lay people could be quickly instructed in its use.

    What if homeopathic pharmacies and organizations determined the genus epidemicus remedies for the Coronavirus in Wuhan, and offered the Chinese government thousands of doses and instructions on how to proceed. That government would have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

    Meanwhile, Prof. Aaron To Ka Lun (PDHom, MARH), president of the Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy has gathered data from 30 homeopaths and tentatively speculated on a few possible genus epidemicus remedies: Gelsemium, Bryonia and Eupatorium perf. Dr. Paul Herscu is considering Gelsemium, Mercurius and Eupatorium. We may need to assess more cases to be sure, but soon we will know. The virus may manifest with some differences in other countries and require different remedies. This knowledge needs to be shared with the world. https://www.nytimes.com/…/19/health/lethal-viruses-nih.html… https://nesh.com/…/vol-7-no-1-springsummer-1998/influenza-…/

  10. Nice post Mary, we are going on a retreat for a while to meditate and read and meditate more, studying the Sri Mad bahgavatam for the next couple of years as well as rereading the Masters and Swamis works , Blessings to you Great Soul, If you see Pranaba tell him he is in my thoughts often. Swami Kriyananda, Brother Anandamoy and Brother Abhedananda who spoke highly of Swami Kriyananda are always near to me, will be handing out The AOAY over the next couple of months in our travels, again Blessings for all you do, Craig and Ginny Richardson.

    1. https://www.ananda.org/healing-prayers/wp-content/themes/ananda-worldwide/images/layout/joy-symbol-avatar.png

      Sounds like a wonderful inner and outer journey! May you be protected and blessed.

  11. Dearest Mary,

    I believe that there is a lot conflicting energy in our world today. Yoganandaji said that this would happen and that we will be brought together into a higher consciousness. Thank you for this blog.

    In joy,
    Linda Hagen

  12. Dear Mary

    Thank you for your Wisdom and Love, and for all that you do.
    Your blog is so informative and helpful.

    Much Love


  13. Merci beaucoup! Amour, Paix et Santé!

  14. Mary, a question. I hate to be a baby but is it possible to get cod liver oil in capsules. I think I have PTSD from childhood doeses!

  15. And is there a brand you recommend? I am not finding anything organic – though I did find it in capsules!

  16. Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver oil is as close to organic as you are going to find – wild caught in the Bering Sea. It’s available at 1-800-231-8063 .

  17. Thank you so much for your letter and blog where we can respond to you (and others also.)

    Your letter means a lot to so many of us who are looking for guidance and direction especially in that it gives us some specific things to do to protect ourselves physically and spiritually in dealing with the coronavirus. And the most rewarding part is turning it all over to God and actively praying for all humanity, as well as, those who are presently being affected by it. Thank you for your leadership in this huge world-wide crisis.

    Jai Guru, Victoria

  18. Thanks so much, Mary, for providing sage advice to counteract all the fear that this virus is causing. I really appreciate it!

  19. Hi Mary, I’m responding to the question that do we get Cod liver oil in capsules. I get it from Walmart or Target and they are always in capsules. If you live in India, the brand name is Seven seas. It’s very common in India to take Cod liver oil if you have less immunity.

  20. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for this post! I love the affirmation for spiritual protection!

    Also thank you very much for the tips about oregano oil and raw ginger. I will buy the oregano oil, just in case.
    for my grandkids 🙂

    1. https://www.ananda.org/healing-prayers/wp-content/themes/ananda-worldwide/images/layout/joy-symbol-avatar.png

      CAUTION – the oregano oil is too hot for little kids. My grandkids took Cod Liver Oil. And raw virgin coconut oil is also anti-viral. The same thing goes for raw coconut pulp. Also, consider black elderberry extract as a suitable antiviral for kids -(amd everyone)

      “Sambucol -is based on a standardized black elderberry extract. They are natural remedies with antiviral properties, especially against different strains of influenza virus. Sambucol was shown to be effective in vitro against 10 strains of influenza virus. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study, Sambucol reduced the duration of flu symptoms to 3-4 days “- Study –

  21. Thank you so much Mary for all that you have shared. I will surely bring it into regular practice.

  22. Catherine, Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil is considered by many to be the healthiest brand of cod liver oil (partly because it’s fermented, unlike other brands), and it’s available in capsule form. It’s not certified organic, but the ingredients are rigorously tested for purity and safety: https://www.greenpasture.org/fermented-cod-liver-oil-capsules/. Even better, though, is Green Pasture’s product Blue Ice Royal Blend Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Concentrated Butter Oil, which offers up a synergistic effect of cod liver oil with high vitamin A butter. It’s also very high quality and comes in a capsule: https://www.greenpasture.org/blue-ice-blend-capsules/

    1. https://www.ananda.org/healing-prayers/wp-content/themes/ananda-worldwide/images/layout/joy-symbol-avatar.png

      I know Green Pastures in a reputable brand. I am glad to know that their Fermented Cod Liver Oil is available in capsules because people might be squeamish about tasting that. I have never tried it, and I don’t know which version most correlates to what Yogananda was recommending in the 1930s, so I went with the one my grandkids accepted, to be safe.

  23. Your purpose for creating this wonderful prayer ministry is so appreciated. There is great strength in numbers. When there is a clear picture of healing, IT HAPPENS. I am a member of the prayer chain and know the energy is so welcome.
    Thank YOU.

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