It is time we learned that facts, and even skill, by themselves cannot produce a healthy society. Cooperation, positive thinking, kindness and other eternal values are essential to a truly productive life and to the attainment of the universal goal of all life: happiness.

Education for Life (EFL)

This system was created to support children in the balanced development of body, heart, mind and spirit. In addition to learning the usual school subjects, students are taught cooperation, compassion and self-discipline.

An essential component of an EFL classroom is a child-centered curriculum. While every school must address the standard topics of modern education, the EFL curriculum is child-centered in the sense that the teacher looks primarily to the students’ readiness for particular kinds of growth in determining the specific activities that will take place in the classroom.

This contributes to a feeling of mutual respect between teacher and student. In paying close attention to individuals, the teacher develops an appreciation for each student’s positive qualities. Children, on the other hand, sense that the teacher is seeking to adapt the learning process to their interests and abilities as opposed to imposing a rigid program of prearranged lessons. This system is put into daily practice at Ananda’s Living Wisdom Schools.

Education for Life Schools

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Ananda College

Ananda College Students in India

Ananda College students visiting India.

Higher Learning for Higher Consciousness

The mission of Ananda College is to help individuals find their roles, empower their success, and attune themselves to levels of higher consciousness from which to engage in their work. This dynamic and purposeful attunement, applicable to every person in all walks of life, constitutes the living wisdom that is in our name.