Question from Michelle: Why are there people with extraordinary talents and people that seem to have none? What do you think is God’s purpose for these types of people (Picasso, Einstein, Mozart)? Are people with special gifts obligated to use them to help other people? Does Yogananda say anything about people with extraordinary talents/abilities?

Destiny of India


Question from Abhay Sanjeevan: For last 1000 years,my country was invaded,looted,killed.Now people shame and abuse us for being dirty and poor.My country was divided many times.Our culture is dead. India’s culture is being replaced with culture of Arabs.India has failed.Where do I find optimism?If spirituality can’t work in India,will it work elsewhere?Has God abandoned India?Will dharma ever prevail in India again?India considered world to…

Sounds Heard in Meditation


Question from Ridham Gupta: When I meditate after few minutes some sound attacks in my ears. If I concentrate on it I realize it increases. Should I focus on that sound? Please elaborate what is the role of the sound in the meditation?

I Have Autism and These Are My Questions


Question from Kyle: Hi, I have autism. Who is my guardian angel? Who is my past life? Why can’t I dream, feel inwardly, etc? Why am I so harsh on myself? Will I have someone to love again, even though my requests are well, weird?

Stay or Leave


Question from Filipa: I was determined to emigrate but intuitively I felt this wasn’t the best time to do it so I decided to stay. I believe that this may, in part, be related to a person I met recently and with whom I felt an instant connection with. However, despite this connection, I feel that he is emotionally unavailable and puts a…

Feeling Heat and Difficulties with My Eyes in Meditation


Question from Samsam: I started meditating last year. Once during meditation in one of your houses, I experienced a lot of heat in my spine. I got rid of my blanket & sweatshirt. I was so hot that I did not feel well. Up until that point, I would meditate gazing slightly upwards, first there was a lot of flickering, but then with…

Struggle to Surrender to God


Question from Rajat: Somehow I have been seeing repeated numbers like 1111, 111, 222 on a regular basis in highly unreal ways. Does it mean anything to see them? Secondly, For no reason I got into a very strange profession of a mind and life coach and a self-help books author. After extreme struggle I feel like surrendering to god as i cannot…

Experiences During Meditation


Question from Saeid: I am meditating for 6-7 months. Recently, I feel a huge kundalini energy flowing from the lower ckakras and hitting my forehead (which I enjoy and have no issue with at all). However, I am almost unable to focus on my breath and get easily distracted by the huge energy pressure on my head. My question is: should I turn…

Are We in Kali Yuga or Dwapara Yuga?


Question from Patrick Johnson: I have read from Gurus Sai Baba, Sitaramdass Omkarnath and Haidakhan Babaji that we are in Kali Yuga and the greatest practice for liberation in this Kali Yuga is naam japa. I know this differs to what Paramahansa Yogananda says about us being in Dwapara Yuga. Why the difference of opinion between such great masters ? Did Paramhansa Yogananda ever…

Questions about My Guru


Question from Haq/Hani: Please tell me is there any technique to know that my guru is happy with me or not and how can I see my guru in dream? I feel sometimes a very cool breeze on my body during meditation. What does it indicate? Thank you very much.