Pressure in the Head During Meditation


Question from Apoorva Chandra: While developing the habit of keeping attention at Kutastha, I am experiencing strong unpleasant pressure in the forehead. It is now happening unconsciously as well throughout the day. Please help me get over it. I have stopped meditation due to this but it is still happening.

How to Ask a Question During Meditation


Question from Laxmi ranga: Om guru I want to ask that Lahiri mahasaya says solve all your problems thru meditation but when I do I find really myself very impatient means when I just sit to meditate without any desire it lasts long n comforting but when I want a solution it last very short n I become impatient .so how to get some…

Kriya Yoga and the Chakras


Question from Kkserene: Thank u so much for ur valuable answer.i want to ask what is this technique of sending pranic energy to all the chakras…… I hv no knowledge of kriya yoga…i could see the light on third eye chakra much before i saw some videos about kriya yoga on you tube…all i know about kriya yoga is that they concentrate on…

How to Commune with God?


Question from Tanya: I close my eyes and sit in relax position but I am unable to meditate. How to meditate? It becomes more of a communication with myself and self offering to the almighty.

How to Love God!


Question from Pereha: How to turn attachment for others into love for God? I get very easily attached to people and start hoping for them to reciprocate the love and affection. But it always disappoints me and god has shown me time and time again how unpredictable human love is. How do i love god wholly and be free of the need to…

Do We Each Create Our Own Universe?


Question from Santosh Singh: If I am all universe or solar system then another person feels same, so each one is carrying a separate universe, so concept of each one is everything i false? If there is supreme existence then why these states of world, dreams etc are made by supreme existence again and again. Doesn’t he get tired doing it every day and…

My Astrological Bangle Broke – Does This Have Any Special Meaning?


Question from Annalisa Rishika: Years ago I ordered an astrological bangle of Paramahansa Yogananda. I have used it for years and it has always protected me, but two years ago it broke, and now I wear it with the silver thread being broken in a certain place. I wonder if this has any meaning? And if I wear it without fixing it, does it…

Family life and the Spiritual Life


Question from Is it possible for married people who have produced children to attain spiritualism after they have completed their family duties. Can you give some recent examples of people who did that ?

What does Time-Annihilation In Treta Yuga Mean?


Question from Anonymous: I read in Autobiography of a yogi that Dwapara Yuga is an age of space-annihilators and Treta is age of time-annihilators. I understand space-annihilators, as there is no space between matter (quantum entanglement says so). But I do not understand time-annihilators. Please explain this to me.