Mother and Child Kidnapped

UPDATE – Mother and child were returned safely, and whole family is now in the USA. ———– Please pray for the mother and child who were kidnapped today in Haiti. They are being held for $1,000,000 ransom. She is Amercian, married to a Haitian minister, and Haven is their baby. They have alsos adopted some Haitian children. Alix is an … Read More

July Update

This is a quick note for zoom updates. In late June there was death in my family. My dear brother, Thomas, died a tragic and sudden death, Some of you have been praying for my parents, John and Anne Hostage, at this time of loss. My mother’s birthday is tomorrow, July 22, and I am flying out to be with … Read More

June Zoom Prayers

Click on July update for a photo of my granddaughter July Update Dear Ones, This is my best way to keep everyone infomed about changes to the zoom prayer sessions. I am so appreciative of the healing group that has evolved over the past year and a half with the daily prayers for the planet, followed by prayers for individuals.  … Read More

Traveling to Yogananda Fest

NEW LINK FOR WEDNESDAY ZOOMS – This is a quick note to let your know thaat the zoom healing prayers sessions continue! This morning we had a deep session – first for the planet, and then for individuals.  A nice core group has developed and we also are very happy to see new faces each day. Join us if … Read More

Prayers for the Planet

Quick Update

Dear Ones, I am dashing this off so it gets out this evening. I am changing my Monday prayer time on zoom so that I  can do them during my normal work day at the office. This is partly because my Chromebook  (which I use at home)  the mic has started to misbehave. So, for now I need to use … Read More

Happy New Year & Yogananda’s Birthday

Dear Ones, Happy New Year! Thank you for the many kind messages following my blog regarding the auto accident on Dec 3. . I am doing much better these days. Recently my husband, Bhima, went to measure the distance in which we were airborne… and it was 35 feet! When I heard that, I felt another wave of gratitude and … Read More

Recovering from an accident…

Dear Healing Prayer group, Some of you have heard that I had a car accident on the way to the airport at 3:40 am on Saturday, Dec. 3.  So I never went on my trip that was announced in my last blog. It was raining and pitch black and my husband, Bhima, had to slam on the brakes at one … Read More

Prayers for the Planet


Note – I first published this on November 26 – but in the wrong place on, so it didn’t get mailed out. My apologies… Dear Ones, The prayer sessions on Zoom continue to go deep. Join us if you can. A wonderful core group has developed with many of the people showing up several times a week. All are … Read More

A Few Changes to the Daily Zoom Prayers

It has been a little more than a year I have spent leading daily healing prayers for the planet… and for Dharma and right action. It has been a meaningful time of spiritual growth and expansion. There is a deep flow of grace as we pray together… As Jesus said, “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there … Read More

Taking a break from Zoom for just a little while

Dear Healing Prayer Group, My elder son, Peter Sanjaya Kretzmann, and his fiancee, Gayatri Allison Regester are getting married on September 5.  As you can imagine, family and friends will be arriving a few days prior to that…  And I will be traveling with other members of the family for a few days after the wedding. So, I will do … Read More