Zoom Prayers and More

Welcome to our new members! We have recently had over two hundred new members sign up to share in this sacred service, bringing us to over 1100 Ananda Healing Prayer Circle members. We have several opportunities to join together in sending healing prayer to those in need.  We have three time -slots for now, and I am will to add … Read More

Join the Healing Prayer Ministry

Dear Ones, Feel free to share this with any friends who may be looking for a way to serve others… There is such a need for Divine Mother’s healing grace right now, and always. You can serve as an instrument of healing for souls in need, whether their need is physical, mental, or spiritual. People are so grateful for the … Read More

Prayers for India

Dear Ones, Ananda is starting a one-month call for prayer for India during the current virus crisis. Prayers will be offered online twice a day, 8 am and 8 pm.  I will personally be leading prayers starting this coming Saturday morning (May 1 at 8 am)  and every subsequent Saturday morning in May. Join me if you can. I will … Read More

Healing Prayers on Zoom – UPDATE

The zoom prayers have been a wonderful opportunity to go deeper in prayer.  We are all growing in the process. Join us if you can. Tuesday Prayers  on Zoom – at 5 PM Pacific Time This tends to be a smaller group and allows us to spend more time on some of the prayer requests. Join us if this time … Read More

Prayers for Mannat

Please pray for Mannat, age 14. Gurgaon, India She will be having an 11-hour back surgery on the morning of April 9, India time. (The surgery will be starting at 7:30 pm California time on April 8 – so please pray then if you can.) Mannat has developed a curvature of the spine that the doctors determined should be remedied … Read More

Palm Sunday and Easter

This letter contains several inspiring resources for the Easter Season and two new zoom group healing prayer time slots offered at the end of this letter. The Beatitudes – Commentary by Swami Kriyananda Introduction: Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount begins with the Beatitudes. Tradition depicts him as delivering this sermon to the multitudes…The Beatitudes are an “inner” teaching, given to the … Read More

Prayer for Expanding Love

We receive many prayer requests from many people hoping to find love as well as those who have lost love through death or divorce. Either way, their hearts are hurting… When faced with such challenges, we can use the prayers and techniques given to us by our Guru, while also resting in the knowledge that we are all loved by … Read More

Global Online Healing Retreat

RECHARGE HEALTH is an immersive health retreat online that brings together modern research and ancient wisdom in a revolutionary and life-changing way. Mary Kretzmann – Miracle of Prayer event for Global Health Retreat Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry — Healing Prayer resources ananda.org/prayers List Of Healing Products From Ananda  Healing Prayer Video – 10 minute – good overview Healing Affirmation – … Read More

Newsletter, Prayers for the Planet

New Year — New Beginning

The outgoing year 2020 has offered many challenges, as well as opportunities for growth. There has been much upheaval in the business world, yet a new lifestyle is emerging in which many people can now work from home, saving on commute times and subsequently freeing up time for family life, spiritual pursuits, and personal development. Those, of course, are positive … Read More


Christmas Is Coming

This has been a highly unusual year so far, and it appears that the Covid19 shutdowns will continue, thus eliminating Christmas church services in many areas. This also allows us, however, to bring fresh energy to how we approach the Christmas season. When I was a young girl, age ten, I decided to prepare for Christmas by attending daily Mass … Read More