Pray for Faith

Dear Healing Prayer Members, Please add baby Faith to your prayer list for however long you feel so inspired. I will also assign Faith’s name to many of the monthly healing prayer lists over the next two months. I know many of you will be asking for updates on a prayer request like this. so I will ask Faith’s parents … Read More

Prayers for the Planet

Happy New Zooms!

Dear Healing Prayer Circle Members, Happy New Year! We have been praying for a little girl from India, age 6, named Gautami.  I put her name on the healing prayer list many times in December because she had a brain tumor that was removed, and then she was receiving proton bean therapy.  I told her father that she was on … Read More

Prayer Schedule for ZOOM

NOTICE  – Special prayer times for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve (so I can have these two evenings free with my family)  Time: Dec 24, 2021  – 8:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Dec 24, 2021 08:30 AM Dec 31, 2021 08:30 AM Join Zoom Meeting This is a recap of our daily opportunities for live zoom … Read More

Prayers for the Planet

Daily Healing Prayers for the Planet

Dear Ones, In May of this year, my husband Bhima Kent White and I added some goldfish and koi to the small pond at Crystal Hermitage Garden.  This led to a daily ritual of caring for the pond and the fish, followed by healing prayers in the Chapel. In September, we were offering prayers for the world in the chapel, … Read More

Prayers for the Planet

Thursday Prayers for the Planet

Please also scroll down for the new update…Thank you! Thank you for your interest in sending healing energy to the planet. Our Thursday prayer session is growing. I will keep it to 30 minutes or less, out of respect for everyone’s time. Thursday Zoom Prayers: When: Sep 16, 2021 08:30 AM Pacific Time, and weekly thereafter. Register (free) in advance … Read More

California Fires

Dear Healing Prayer Ministry, First — Please pray for Atiqullah in Afghanistan. He is a member of this healing prayer ministry and he seeks to leave his country because of the dangers there, but there are no flights out right now. Please pray for a miracle. Also pray for him to be a quiet beacon of peace that sustains himself … Read More

Zoom Prayers and More

Welcome to our new members! We have recently had over two hundred new members sign up to share in this sacred service, bringing us to over 1100 Ananda Healing Prayer Circle members. We have several opportunities to join together in sending healing prayer to those in need.  We have three time -slots for now, and I am will to add … Read More

Join the Healing Prayer Ministry

Dear Ones, Feel free to share this with any friends who may be looking for a way to serve others… There is such a need for Divine Mother’s healing grace right now, and always. You can serve as an instrument of healing for souls in need, whether their need is physical, mental, or spiritual. People are so grateful for the … Read More

Prayers for India

Dear Ones, Ananda is starting a one-month call for prayer for India during the current virus crisis. Prayers will be offered online twice a day, 8 am and 8 pm.  I will personally be leading prayers starting this coming Saturday morning (May 1 at 8 am)  and every subsequent Saturday morning in May. Join me if you can. I will … Read More

Healing Prayers on Zoom – UPDATE

The zoom prayers have been a wonderful opportunity to go deeper in prayer.  We are all growing in the process. Join us if you can. Tuesday Prayers  on Zoom – at 5 PM Pacific Time This tends to be a smaller group and allows us to spend more time on some of the prayer requests. Join us if this time … Read More