A Few Changes to the Daily Zoom Prayers

It has been a little more than a year I have spent leading daily healing prayers for the planet… and for Dharma and right action. It has been a meaningful time of spiritual growth and expansion. There is a deep flow of grace as we pray together… As Jesus said, “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there … Read More

Taking a break from Zoom for just a little while

Dear Healing Prayer Group, My elder son, Peter Sanjaya Kretzmann, and his fiancee, Gayatri Allison Regester are getting married on September 5.  As you can imagine, family and friends will be arriving a few days prior to that…  And I will be traveling with other members of the family for a few days after the wedding. So, I will do … Read More

Newsletter, Prayers for the Planet

Healing Prayers on Zoom Continue

Have you been wanting to find a way to go deeper in your healing prayers for others? These zoom sessions have evolved into wonderful healing prayer teams made up of members from all around the world.  I can sense that the individuals are growing in their ability to send healing prayers both to the entire planet and to individuals. In … Read More

Newsletter, Prayers for the Planet

Spring Inspiration

Springtime is beautiful at Ananda Village and at the Crystal Hermitage Gardens. My husband, Bhima, and I had the joy of visiting the gardens with some devotee friends yesterday. We enjoyed the beauty of nature and all of the flowers and we were blessed by the spiritual vibrations in the Moksha Mandir and, a few minutes later, at the beautiful … Read More

February Daily Prayer Zoom Links

Update from Ashleigh on Baby Faith “Today she is three weeks old! And three days breathing on her own! Growing happy baby, oh and over 5 lbs now! ——There is word yet on getting discharged— she needs to learn to eat on her own. Once she can do this I believe discharge date will be part of the discussion. They … Read More

Baby Faith Update

Zoom Link Repair My apologies to all those who tried to tune in this evening (Tuesday), but could not do so… Right before the broadcast, I realized the old link was not working! I posted this new link right away and luckily a few faithful members did manage to find it. Thank you to those who tried… I am sure … Read More

Pray for Faith

Dear Healing Prayer Members, Please add baby Faith to your prayer list for however long you feel so inspired. I will also assign Faith’s name to many of the monthly healing prayer lists over the next two months. I know many of you will be asking for updates on a prayer request like this. so I will ask Faith’s parents … Read More

Prayers for the Planet

Happy New Zooms!

I just realized the TUESDAY link is not working! Here is a new link: Tuesday 5-6 Pm Pacific time. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81442347552 _____________________________ Dear Healing Prayer Circle Members, Happy New Year! We have been praying for a little girl from India, age 6, named Gautami.  I put her name on the healing prayer list many times in December because she had a … Read More

Prayer Schedule for ZOOM

NOTICE  – Special prayer times for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve (so I can have these two evenings free with my family)  Time: Dec 24, 2021  – 8:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Dec 24, 2021 08:30 AM Dec 31, 2021 08:30 AM Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89357875860 This is a recap of our daily opportunities for live zoom … Read More

Prayers for the Planet

Daily Healing Prayers for the Planet

Dear Ones, In May of this year, my husband Bhima Kent White and I added some goldfish and koi to the small pond at Crystal Hermitage Garden.  This led to a daily ritual of caring for the pond and the fish, followed by healing prayers in the Chapel. In September, we were offering prayers for the world in the chapel, … Read More