May the blessings of Christmas be with you. Enclosed are several items for your inspiration.

But first, here is an annoucement regarding our Christmas Day zoom.  Bernie Krippner, from our Ananda New Zealand group, will host the zoom prayers so I can be free to be with my family on Christmas morning.  Swapnalekha Guha, from our Ananda Kolkata group, will cohost. Both have been steadfast in their participation of the zoom healing prayers. They do a beautiful job leading the prayers.

Monday  – Christmas – 8:30 am – Bernie and Swapnalekha

For the rest of the week, we will revert to our normal links and schedule listed here. 


…The more one develops spiritually, the deeper becomes his or her love and compassion for humanity. Accompanying love and compassion is the desire to uplift humanity from the throes of ignorance and war and the consequent suffering they bring. However, you must remember to make God first in your heart always. The Father will not be content with second place; He must reign first and foremost in the most tender center of your being — your heart. Through His blessings and grace alone are you able to develop and help humanity emerge from its ignorance…

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Christmas Concert 2023

In case you missed it…

Extras from the 8 hour meditation

Yogananda started the tradition of an 8 hour meditation leading up to Christmas. He said the angels and the Masters celebrated Christmas in the astral world. As we meditate, we receive those divine vibrations and blessings.

“CHANTS d’AUVERGNE” – “BAÏLÈRO” by Joseph Canteloube – Swamiji used to play a recording of this song in the last few hours of the all-day meditation. It brings sweet tears of divine longing to hear it again at this time of year. It is not a Christmas song, but Swamiji included it because it represents how our hearts should pine deeply for the Divine Beloved.

Strauss ~ The Blue Danube Waltz

Yogananda started the tradition of playing a recording of this song near the end of the all-day meditation, asking the devotees to vsualize dancing with the Masters in the astral world.

Swamiji carried on this traditon at each Christmas meditation, and it continues to this day.

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  1. Mary, Thank you for sharing these! So much beauty and devotion to fill our hearts and help bring peace to our being. Thank you!

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