Prayers for the Planet

California Forest Fires! Please Pray

Tuesday Update  The threat of dry lightning seems to have passed. I only heard of one small fire that was sparked by the more recent lightning.  That small fire was discovered and pit out on Monday morning. The huge fires both North and south of SanFrancisco are still burning – but there is some improvement… Continued prayers are most appreciated. … Read More

Weekly Online Healing Prayers

Dear Healing Prayer Circle, We are offering three wonderful ways to serve together right now when so many people are in various levels of quarantine. Join in as much as you can. Wednesdays: Mary Kretzmann-White Noon to 1PM PDT – Prayers for the planet and for individuals.  While this interactive opportunity is geared to the members of the Healing Prayer … Read More

Prayers for the Planet

Prayers for Shanta

Dear Healing Prayer Circle, Please pray for the soul of Jagadeesh Bob Franklin who died on Monday, March 16 of the Coronavirus, Covid19.  Please also pray for his widow, Shanta Patrizia Franklin. They are longtime members of Ananda and were visiting her family in northern Italy. They arrived before the virus was a big concern, but it turned out to … Read More

Prayers for the Planet

Healing a Viral Crisis – Part 2

This is a continuation of my blog Prayers for Healing the World of a Viral Crisis. Please revisit that for some ideas for body, mind, and soul on What to Do about Coronavirus (Holistic medicine appraoch for viruses)  Now is the time to buy any helpful items you would like to have on hand (such as vitamins and minerals). Preliminary … Read More

Newsletter, Prayers for the Planet

Prayers for Healing the World of a Viral Crisis

Every aspect of this world needs healing at one time or another, yet some events show signs of becoming worldwide crisis. We can send healing for those facing the crisis in China. We can offer prayers with hope that further damage is mitigated or averted. I’ve watched the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, renamed COVID19, waiting to see if the virus dies … Read More

Yogananda’s Birthday and Epiphany

Seasonal Offerings: 5 Day Advent for Yogananda’s Birthday on January 5. If your children are spiritually receptive, you might enjoy trying this as a family: Yogananda: A Brief Biography The Three Wise Men – song by Swami Kriyananda Many Christian Churches celebrate Epiphany – the coming of the Three Wise Men, on January 6. When Yogananda dictated his interpretation of the … Read More

Prayers for the Planet

Hurricane Dorian — Prayers

September 1, 2019 Historic, catastrophic Hurricane Dorian pounding the Bahamas with 185 mph (300 kph) winds. Updates follow below the visualization. Please send healing light to all those caught in the path of this storm. See healing angels ministering to all those in need. Ask the healing grace of God, Christ, Guru to mitigate the negative power this storm down … Read More

Newsletter, Prayers for the Planet

Giving Peace a Chance

Thank you to everyone who prayed for peace, especially regarding the nuclear threat from North Korea. Today the news has come out that Kim Jong Un stepped across the border between North and South Korea, to shake the hand of South Korean President Moon Jae-in. It was the first time since the Koren war in 1950-53 that this has happened. “Kim Jong Un said he felt … Read More

Prayers for the Planet

Las Vegas Massacre

The shooting in Las Vegas last night is such a senseless tragedy. I scrolled through the posted photos of the victim and said a short prayer for each soul. Send prayers to all those affected. Their lives are in shock. The victims who died so suddenly may also be in spiritual shock. Sometimes it is very confusing for the soul to be here one … Read More

Prayers for the Planet

Prayers to Defuse Nuclear Threat

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”  Blessed are they who live unshakably in the consciousness of inner peace; who emanate peace to everyone whose lives they touch. They shall be hailed as instruments of the Lord. (Swami Kriyananda in his commentary on the Beatitudes.)  *** Visualize Jesus Christ, Mahavatar Babaji and all of our Masters … Read More