Dear Healing Prayer Ministry,

First — Please pray for Atiqullah in Afghanistan. He is a member of this healing prayer ministry and he seeks to leave his country because of the dangers there, but there are no flights out right now. Please pray for a miracle. Also pray for him to be a quiet beacon of peace that sustains himself and those around him. We ask for an aura of protection around Atiqullah and his family. Pray first for him as an individual and then at the end of your prayers, you can also pray for all those who are in a similar position and also seek to leave. I am using his first name only for his personal safety.

Please feel free to enter the names of additional Afghan friends in the comment field for prayer.

Second — Can you please also pray with us regarding the fires in California? Thankfully we here in Ananda Village are not in any immediate danger. However, thick smoke is a daily occurrence because two large fires, the Dixie Fire to the north of us and the Caldor Fire to the south of us, have now burned well over one million acres of land. The smoke production is immense and it travels up and down the mountain range and hangs in the air. The smoke also travels over several western states.

When winds carry the smoke in another direction we are blessed with improved air for hours at a time and have grateful relief. (You can see further details here. See the section called “Regional Fires” if you want to follow the fires that are in the same general and large region as Ananda Village. Yubanet Fires )

There are so many concerns when asking Divine Mother’s healing grace on such large fires.  So many of God’s creatures are affected—people and their homes and all sorts of animals and their needs for water and shelter. We also pray for the well-being of the firefighters and those serving in any fire safety capacity.

Visualize Divine Mother’s healing Grace flowing through you. Think of our line of gurus blessing and perfecting your prayer as you pray for such immense needs. This helps you to feel God’s healing power flow through you in an infinite capacity.

Feel this Divine power flowing in through your medulla oblongata and then out through your hands. You are God’s willing instrument. Send healing energy and ask Divine Mother to bless the land, people, homes, animals, and especially the firefighters.

Send healing AUM.

And finally, ask Divine Mother for the blessed miracle of rain, a good soaking rain.

Aum, Peace, Amen

Thank you!


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

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