Springtime is beautiful at Ananda Village and at the Crystal Hermitage Gardens. My husband, Bhima, and I had the joy of visiting the gardens with some devotee friends yesterday. We enjoyed the beauty of nature and all of the flowers and we were blessed by the spiritual vibrations in the Moksha Mandir and, a few minutes later, at the beautiful Babaji statue, which is set on a small hill in the garden. One walks up some rocky steps to approach the beloved Mahavatar at the “mountain top.” It is a simple journey, and I walked up the steps with the feeling of a mini-pilgrimage and touched his lotus feet. I asked for blessings on all of you praying in this ministry, and I thanked him for the beautiful healings that have occurred. I felt his blessed response in my own heart… His blessings are everywhere when we call on his holy name with reverence and devotion.

This short video (1 min.) shows some of the divine beauty of the Cyrstal Hermitage.

Daily healing prayers on Zoom are an opportunity to experience sharing our Guru’s healing techniques in the company of other devotees. Come when you can…

Below are the updated links for our daily healing prayer sessions. We start with prayers for the planet followed by prayers for individuals. I understand if people can only attend for part of the session. We also allow a few minutes for questions, as needed. We have people attending from Ananda groups all over the world and through God’s grace, there have been some beautiful healing blessings. Come if you can.

New time – for Monday evening prayers: Monday Evening Prayers for the Planet 7:00 PM Pacific Time

Tuesday Evening Prayers – 5-6 PM Pacific Time

Wednesday Noon Prayers – Noon to 1 PM (Pacific Time) – Prayers for the Planet followed by prayers for individuals.

  • Note: I will lead these Wednesday noon sessions every other week;  Jitendra from Ananda Online will lead on the alternate week. Jitendra will also include a short lesson from the book, Divine Will Healing  This is a wonderful way to learn a little bit more about Yogananda’s healing methods each week. 

Thursday Healing Prayers – 8:30-9 AM Pacific Time – Prayers for the Planet –

Friday Evening – Prayers for the Planet  8:00 PM Pacific Time

Saturday Morning Prayers – 8:30-9 AM Pacific Time –

Sunday Morning Prayers 8:30-9 AM Pacific Time –


A member of the prayer group asked me how I am preparing for Easter. I told her that I like to read a little bit from Paramhansa Yogananda’s book, the Second Coming of Christ: The Resurection of the Christ Within You, Self-Realization Fellowship. I pray briefly over the book, asking, “What would you like me to see today?” and then I touch each of the two volumes, to see which one makes my finger tingle more… I then do the same scanning my finger across the edge of the book, and I open it where I feel the energy. It is wonderful how inspiring this process can be, and I feel close to Jesus and Yogananda in the process, and it is uncanny how the words can seem so directly personal to something I had just taught in the prayer Zooms that day. I am usually very inspired after the healing prayers, so this is my favorite time to pray over this book. I have also used this prayer over other sacred books on our path, and it is always inspiring, but the Second Coming Of Christ is my favorite book to use in this way.

You can also find many helpful links for Easter and other topics here in the Family Life Treasure Chest on ananda.org

Finally, baby Faith is at home now and doing well!

Thank you for all of your prayers!

God and Guru bless you all,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry 

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  1. Wonderful news concerning Baby Faith. Blessings for the family!

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