Dear Ones,

In May of this year, my husband Bhima Kent White and I added some goldfish and koi to the small pond at Crystal Hermitage Garden.  This led to a daily ritual of caring for the pond and the fish, followed by healing prayers in the Chapel. In September, we were offering prayers for the world in the chapel, but I was feeling discouraged and my inner prayer went something like this, “Divine Mother, Can you kindly help people to not be quite so bad…”

Immediately felt a strong flow of energy fill me from above, to correct my prayer, saying, “No! Pray for Dharma!

It was such a strong flow of inspiration, reminding me of the many ways that souls can be distracted from Dharma and right action in this life. A soul must choose to align with Dharma in the choices that affect oneself and others. And I was inspired to pray for that, holding up Dharma as a divine principle available to all, should they be receptive to it.

This deep experience gave me renewed and deepened energy and understanding for these expansive prayers for blessing the planet and humanity. I invite you to join in these prayers either in the daily zoom prayers, or by using the recorded 20-minute healing visualization that I have included at the end of this blog.

Years ago, I was inspired by Frank Laubach, the author of Letters by a Modern Mystic…

Disillusioned by all our other efforts, we now see that the only hope left for the human race is to become like Christ.
― Frank C. Laubach, Letters by a Modern Mystic

Later in life, Frank Laubach retired to Washington, DC where he directed a small prayer group, dedicated to praying for national and international concerns. He remarked, “It is uncanny what can happen when you pray that way, but we learned that you have to keep it up every day. ”

I understand this now in light of Dharma. It is so easy for humanity to slip down from right action, with an excuse or self-justification here and there. We hold up the light of Dharma and right action high – as an offering for all souls.

We are offering daily opportunities for live zoom prayers. Details follow.

Thank you for your prayers. And please feel free to add your comments and insights below the blog…I always love hearing from you.

Blessings to All,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

Sending Healing Prayers for the Planet

You can meditate along with this guided visualization recording, or simply use the concepts as an inspiration for your own self-guided prayers for the planet. 

Our Attitude Shapes Our Destiny” – Inspiration From the Bhagavad Gita – Swami Kriyananda


  1. Thank you for sharing with us these beautiful insights! Also, thank you for holding prayer meets!

  2. Mary, Thank you for the inspiration regarding dharma! It has made a deep impression on me and has helped me reframe my reaction to so much suffering. I will remember it.
    Ananda in Texas is currently doing a 40-Day Challenge inspired by the Virtual Community’s challenge in 2020, endeavoring to strengthen our resolve with that daily effort you write of.
    A bit of housekeeping — U.S. falls back on Nov. 7 this year. Europe changed Oct. 31st.
    In Master’s Love,

  3. Hi Mary
    I’ve received an email update from Zoom regarding weekly Friday 8pm healing prayers. I recall last time I joined a few days ago you said you might change the times for some of the daily prayers, but in the blog currently looks the same. Maybe you haven’t updated that yet?
    Anyway, I’m hoping you are still doing more regular sessions than just the Friday once a week.

    I’m hoping to join in today, in an hour, hopefully it will still be on.

    If it is on, I can ask you then, but if not, I hope you might send a reply with new timetable.

    Thank you!! 😁

  4. Woops, aplogies. I didn’t realise I had to scroll right down further to see more updated blog post re prayer time changes.. New times means a couple less available with time difference in Australia. But I’ll definitely continue to join when I can.
    Georgie Ocean


      Thanks for your comments, Georgie! Yes – I changed Saturday and Sunday to 8:30 AM (Pacific Time). We still have 3 times slots that should be okay for our Australia, New Zealand and Singapore members: Tuesday, Friday and Monday. I hope one or all choices can work for your work/life schedule. Details here –

  5. Let us remember our homeless , mentally ill,drug addicts, those who sell drugs,their illness in doinso. We offer 3Aums. With our prayers.

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