On June 29, 2017, a gift of $1 million was given by three dedicated devotees, one of whom is serving a life sentence in prison for a crime he did not commit, to help build the Temple of Light at Ananda Village. We had no idea it was coming.

Watch the touching moment when Michael and Katherine Olivier, two of the three conspirators for God, shared this gift with Ananda’s worldwide family.

Enjoy the story of receiving the gift by Nayaswami Devi.


  1. Thank you Katherine, Michael and Jairam,
    I know with your skills you have made a huge difference in the Temple of Light Project. I am very touched by the entire
    story of Jairam, and will pray for his freedom.
    May Masters blessings be always with you!
    In the Light,
    Robin Lysne

  2. wish I could be there to include a note. I feel honor to know about his family’s depth of devotion and efforts for Master’s work.

    love and greetings to all,


    pat wolff

  3. So beautiful. What an incredible being, and an example to remind me to remember how unimportant my little ego-driven worries are. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your great blessings. Thank you Jairam for your inspiring life of light and love. Thank you for living the practices. Thank you for your great faith in Master.

    My prayers are for your freedom. My prayers are that your divine light is “outside” the confine of the prison walls, within the community you so wonderfully, and lovingly support.
    all my love and blessings
    Arunika Devi

  5. Dear Jairam,
    I was so touched to hear of your amazing contribution for the Temple of Light. Your letter and story are incredible too. I first heard about you from Asha. Her talks are wonderful and I have listened to quite a few of them. At one of the talks she mentioned you and asked for people to pray. You have been in my prayers ever since. I pray for your freedom and hope that you will be visiting the Temple of Light soon.
    Thank you for your most generous gift to Ananda!
    Master’s Love & Blessings,
    PS: Perhaps someday you may consider writing a book of your life?

  6. This is very inspiring, this is more than a gift. I am a volunteer at the Folsom prison where we teach meditation to the inmates, and I totally understand Jerome conditions.


  7. Thank you. This is so beautiful and inspiring. It is a true blessing and a great joy to get to know such a saintly Gurubhai as Jairam. Om Guru. Om Christ. Om Babaji.

  8. Dear Jairam,

    Oh my goodness. Oh for Master’s goodness. Thank you so much for your story and example of devotion, equanimity, faithfulness, and generosity. Your story definitely makes me want to send in a donation for the temple, and I hope it inspires others to do so as well. I think about your life, confined by the walls of a prison, and how we all build prison walls of our own choosing. Your example is one of transcending those walls. I hope that justice and freedom is yours someday soon.

    “But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”

    Blessings to you–

    Lisa T.

  9. Hats off to Jairam. What a wonderful soul. May God shower him with love.
    I salute you Mr.Jairam

  10. We are touched by this amazing story and inspired by your example, Michael, Katherine and Jairam. The unfoldment of this wonderful manifestation leaves no doubt that God and Guru were working through you. We will pray for Jairam’s release and will envision Jairam’s presence in the Temple of Light someday. Much Love and Many Blessings to You! Aum.

  11. It feels like a wonderful blessing to have God do this project through us. Thank you for your support of my brother.

    He will be changing prisons shortly. Would you please pray for a smooth transition to the new facility? It is quite an ordeal to go through. It would be wonderful to have him closer to us and, God willing, in a nicer prison.

    In Master’s Ray,


  12. I am very moved by your story and generosity. I will pray for your release from prison. Miracles do occur. My son was just released after 22 years.

  13. dear jairam

    our mortal frame can imprison our soul or can itself get imprisoned by the state but what you have got is something so precious , guidance and embrace from the yogi himself. what else do we desire, what else do we need, just enough strength and will power so that we can endure and let the past karma pass.
    we pray with all our heart for the divine karuna to be showered upon you and that you can get housed in the temple of lights sooner rather than later.

    lots of love and best wishes

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