From Teepees to a Temple of Light

It began with young idealistic hippies living in teepees in the forest and spending their days meditating and practicing yoga principles. Today, it’s a thriving community of about 200 with a school, two spiritual retreats, several businesses and a stunning new Temple of Light dedicated to the Indian spiritual teacher Paramhansa Yogananda and the world’s religions. Against all odds, Ananda … Read More


Stucco Color, Asphalt & Tile…Onward!

Finishes are now being applied in many places as we approach 4 weeks to go! The beautiful Seva Week brought the landscaping up to a new level, with beds planted at the entry and along the driveway. Now it’s time for the building to follow suit. With the perfect weather now blessing us, the stucco crew is back in action … Read More

Seva is good!

Seva Days, Landscaping, Concrete, Tile and More! 5 weeks to go!!

With two Seva Days on May 23 and 24, we had help from our worldwide community to move the project forward, as we are approaching our opening in late June. The primary focus of the Seva Days was landscaping and exterior cleanup. All the plants and trees at the entry were planted, irrigated and mulched. Tamas all around the site … Read More


All hands on deck! Final sprint to the finish has begun!

We are continuing to move forward on all fronts, both on the interior and exterior. We have finally gotten out of the rainy weather – for the most part – so we can begin many of the outside projects as well as blast forward on the interior finishes. The exterior stucco base coats are all complete and we finally have … Read More


Stucco on the Outside, Tile and more Sheetrock on the Inside

All burners are on full as we steam ahead with the Temple of Light. Many trades are on site this week, most notably, the stucco contractor is doing his magic on the exterior of the Temple. They applied the first “scratch” coat this week and will apply the “brown” coat next week. After letting it cure for 3 or more … Read More


Tile, Sheetrock Mud, Sanctuary Beams, Dais and much more….

This past week saw the continuation of many phases of the project and the beginning of the finishes! In the Class Room wing and entry, more sheetrock was hung and is being mudded, getting ready for the final texture coat in the front area of the building. The Hall of the Murtis is starting to reveal itself and it’s going … Read More


Grace, Insulation, Sheet Rock & Paint

Many items have move forward at the Temple of Light in the past weeks, as the finish line is in sight, only 3+ months away! But first is a touch of Grace. The week of February 11 brought a severe winter storm to Ananda Village, accompanied by 50 mph winds. One morning, a mighty wind ripped through the Temple site … Read More


Interior Sanctuary Dome Sheet Rocked, and more Wires…..

The interior of the Temple Sanctuary dome has been sheet rocked! They are now taping the seams and mudding the joints, soon to begin the final finish… then paint – wow! We are doing this first so we can be completed with the ceiling work and then begin constructing the altar dais. The paint color of the dome has been … Read More


Crane it in! Big week at the Temple of Light

We had a great week a the Temple with major steps forward in infrastructure and interior work. On Monday, a crane was utilized to set two large heating units at the rear of the Sanctuary and four more smaller units on the roof top. The crane also set the 1100 gallon propane tank and at the rear of the building. … Read More