Many items have move forward at the Temple of Light in the past weeks, as the finish line is in sight, only 3+ months away!

But first is a touch of Grace. The week of February 11 brought a severe winter storm to Ananda Village, accompanied by 50 mph winds. One morning, a mighty wind ripped through the Temple site and uprooted an 80′ tall, 3′ diameter pine tree, and threw it to the ground. It was within 30′ feet of the Temple, and by the grace of God & Guru, it fell away from the Sanctuary! Too close for comfort!!

Other than that ground shaking event, many things have progressed the past month. The walls and ceilings have been insulated. The sheet rock has moved forward in many rooms and is nearing completion in the front end of the building. The dome has been sheet rocked, textured, primed and mostly painted with the final finish. It is a pearlescent creme color which lends a warm glow to the space.

We’re moving forward on many fronts at once, and are sprinting to the finish line in June.

Keep those prayers coming, as we all feel the grace of the communal effort. Oh, and keep supporting us on the financial side, too, as we are nearing our goal of a debt free Temple of Light!  Jai Guru!

The joy of insulation

Hanging the lid

The glowing dome of the Sanctuary

Making the paint happen

Willy, Netri & Kashi ready to paint!

Insulation and sheet rock are filling the voids.

Painters glorifying the dome.

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