With Warm Weather, Stucco Prep Advances and Wiring Continues

After a week of rain, we are finally into our usual mid-winter warm spell. It it close to 60 degrees in the afternoons, so everyone is happy to be working outdoors or in. The fearless stucco crew – who worked through all the rainy days – is in the final stretch of installing the wire lath in preparation for the … Read More


Exterior Stucco Prep Begins and We’re Getting All Wired Up!

Following a break for the holidays, the crew is back in full force and attacking the project on many fronts! The exterior is being prepared for the application of the stucco. This is a long process of several months as there are three coats of material to be applied to create the final stucco finish. Each coat has to be … Read More


Roof is complete, mechanical, electrical and sprinklers proceeding…

The blue metal roof is installed on the Temple and the building is now weathered in. All the interior infrastructure is proceeding with mechanical & sprinkler rough-ins finishing up this week. The electrical rough-in (installing all the wires to switches and fixtures) is moving forward with many hands on deck. The final piece of the puzzle to complete before the … Read More


Cupola Is Up, Interior Is Framed, and Blue Metal Roof Is Being Installed!

We’re firing on all cylinders now… many things are happening on multiple fronts at the Temple of Light. We were fortunate to get the cupola installed just days before our first big rain of November. So now we are moving forward with many different trades on the interior and exterior. The interior wood framing is almost complete, with the altar, … Read More


Best Things This Week

Best things happening at the Temple of Light this week. Kent interviews Nayaswami Nakula, temple construction Project Manager.  Watch video here.


The Journey of the Cupola — from Seattle to the Top of the Temple of Light!

The cupola was manufactured in Seattle by the same company that built the cupola for the Ananda Washington Temple. It was constructed over the summer, then crated and transported to Ananda Village in September. The  cupola was installed on Friday, November 16, 2018. What a joy to see the cherry on top!! Excellent work by the crew, the crane, and … Read More


Temple of Light Construction Update

The Temple of Light is moving forward on all fronts simultaneously! There are many divergent teams of workers making great steps forward as they install many of the “behind the scenes” utilities such as drainage, septic system, plumbing, electrical and exterior framing details. Ananda Village and California have not had any significant rain this fall, which is to the detriment … Read More


Temple of Light — Well On Our Way!

The Ananda Temple of Light is proceeding “all ahead full!” The wood framing is mostly complete and we have all the other trades putting their systems into the building. This includes sprinklers, plumbing, heating/cooling and electrical. It’s quite a beehive of activity with many tradesmen on site making it all happen in a harmonious manner. We have also been blessed … Read More

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The Spirit of Service

[youtube] A message from Nakula Cryer, construction manager for the Temple of Light at Ananda Village: It was 1977. The year before, a forest fire had swept through the first Ananda community and burned virtually all the houses, including my own humble yurt. I was building a new home. An octagonal log dome, built from trees killed by the … Read More