We’re firing on all cylinders now… many things are happening on multiple fronts at the Temple of Light. We were fortunate to get the cupola installed just days before our first big rain of November. So now we are moving forward with many different trades on the interior and exterior.

The interior wood framing is almost complete, with the altar, beams and niches completed in the Sanctuary. (The dais will not go in until the dome is sheet rocked). The Hall of the Murtis is complete with the 8 niches for the Masters and Swamiji, and the front entry is getting the final details installed.

Electrical is a big push, as we are trying to get the rough electrical wiring all in by the first part of the year. Many hands on deck for this one as there are many different systems that require wiring, including lights, sound, video, telephone, internet, etc.

Finally, the custom blue roof arrived on Wednesday (after a 4 month wait for the custom color) and is being installed as I type! Our crew of Aztec roofers, who also installed the blue tile, are beginning the installation today and it should be completed in the next week. Also, the exterior stucco is scheduled to start next week… wow…it’s all happening!

Keep your prayers, donations and energy coming, as we need positive thoughts to keep all the balls up in the air at the same time! Jai Guru!!

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