We had a great week a the Temple with major steps forward in infrastructure and interior work. On Monday, a crane was utilized to set two large heating units at the rear of the Sanctuary and four more smaller units on the roof top. The crane also set the 1100 gallon propane tank and at the rear of the building. Exciting times!

Another major step was PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) set the power meter, meaning we now have full live power to the site! With this and the HVAC units being installed, we will soon be able to heat the building when we sheet rock – which is essential. To that end, the sheet rock began inside the dome of the Sanctuary on Tuesday is proceeding very quickly. We look to have the dome sheet rocked by the first of next week, then the ‘mudding’ can begin. That’s when we will need the heat, to help dry the sheet rock mud.

The exterior stucco lath is nearing an end and they should start applying the first layers of cement layers next week. The final piping for the fire hydrant is also being installed.

The interior electrical and systems wiring is proceeding on schedule and should be completed in the next couple of weeks, allowing sheet rock to begin in other parts of the building.

Wow… what a wild ride! Keep up the prayers and good thoughts, as we all feel the good vibes!

Kent Williams created another fun video of all the action, so check it out here:

Finally, there is a Stream-a-thon next week to raise more funds for the Temple of Light, so keep you eyes and checkbooks open for that ;-).

Blessings to all from the Temple of Light Crew!!

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