Following a break for the holidays, the crew is back in full force and attacking the project on many fronts!

The exterior is being prepared for the application of the stucco. This is a long process of several months as there are three coats of material to be applied to create the final stucco finish. Each coat has to be applied and allowed to dry before the next coat begins… so in the winter, patient endurance is the key. But we are on schedule to have the stucco completed in the spring. The exterior heating and cooling equipment is also moving forward as we hope to have the equipment working by early February so we can heat the building during sheet rock installation.

A major blessing is the arrival of PG&E. They are setting the transformer today, the meter later this week, and we’ll have full power in the next week! That’s a big deal as PG&E is going through turmoil and getting new power is difficult – but we’re ahead of the curve. Thanks Divine Mother!

On the interior, we are moving forward with all the electrical wiring so we can begin installing insulation and sheet rock before the end of the month. The plan is to sheet rock the sanctuary dome first, then move on to other areas of the building. We will have multiple trades working at all times from here on out, so we can get the project completed in June. Many hands make a miracle!

Also, keep your calendar open for a seva work week (or several days at least) in the first part of May. We are looking at Wednesday May 8 – Saturday May 11, to schedule a global Rajarsi Day(s) to focus on the landscaping. We can use all levels of skill as we will be running landscape piping, moving mulch and dirt, and planting a variety of bushes, shrubs, ground cover and trees. Think about how you can pitch in, and we’ll have more details in the coming weeks. This will have a big impact on the Temple and set us up for a strong finish!

So, keep them cards and letters coming…. and don’t forget the prayers and checks!!

Blessings to all from the Temple of Light Crew.


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