The Ananda Temple of Light is proceeding “all ahead full!” The wood framing is mostly complete and we have all the other trades putting their systems into the building. This includes sprinklers, plumbing, heating/cooling and electrical. It’s quite a beehive of activity with many tradesmen on site making it all happen in a harmonious manner. We have also been blessed with good weather (though we all are wanting rain for fire and drought reasons) so the underground utilities are being installed. We have installed the piping for the roof drains, fiber optics, septic and primary power.

On the exterior, the blue tile roof is complete and the preparation for installing the cupola is proceeding. The cupola is scheduled to be installed in the next week or so — that will be a momentous occasion! The windows are installed and the exterior will be ready to begin stucco in the next month or so. The entire roof is waterproofed, and the blue metal roof will in installed later in the year.

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement. And keep those donations coming, we still have a ways to go!!

Jai Guru!

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