The cupola was manufactured in Seattle by the same company that built the cupola for the Ananda Washington Temple. It was constructed over the summer, then crated and transported to Ananda Village in September. The  cupola was installed on Friday, November 16, 2018. What a joy to see the cherry on top!! Excellent work by the crew, the crane, and all the folks that made it happen. It fit perfectly – like a glove. Now we can breathe a sigh of relief as the rain is expected on Wednesday! Thanks, too, to Kent Williams for the inspirational video production.

Keep your prayers and donations coming for the ongoing work, as we still have miles to go before we sleep!

Jai Guru!

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  1. Only God knows the amazing future this temple of light will be used as an an instrument to deeply enlighten countless souls! It is exciting yet unimaginable to us devotee’s …but to God , very much imaginable! Divine Mother is smiling. 🙏💚 Outstanding video and heartfelt community efforts to build this treasure! Thank you for sharing it! AUM Christ AUM

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