After a week of rain, we are finally into our usual mid-winter warm spell. It it close to 60 degrees in the afternoons, so everyone is happy to be working outdoors or in. The fearless stucco crew – who worked through all the rainy days – is in the final stretch of installing the wire lath in preparation for the first coats of cement stucco. Hopefully, with this warm spell, we can get the first of three coats of cement plants applied to the Temple by the end of February.

On the interior, wiring of all the various systems is progressing. The power for lights and switches is about half complete, and the low voltage specialty wiring for the video, sound and theater lighting is well on it’s way. In a couple of weeks, this phase will be mostly complete.

Finally, the beams in the sanctuary are being finished and stained, so the insulation can begin tomorrow. The first steps of sheet rocking the dome will begin next week, with a couple of weeks to complete. Jai Guru!

Blessings to one and all, for all the support and love. Keep them cards and checks coming!!

The majestic dome always hovering over the work below

Intricate stucco lath details at the covered walkway

Stucco lath detail as a work of art

Sanctuary beams receiving sealer and stain

Rachael Brink learning the electrical trade

Papa Brink doing his part of the electrical system, too!

Jessie and Arjuna installed voice and data cable

Wires, wires and more wires!

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