The Temple of Light is moving forward on all fronts simultaneously! There are many divergent teams of workers making great steps forward as they install many of the “behind the scenes” utilities such as drainage, septic system, plumbing, electrical and exterior framing details.

Ananda Village and California have not had any significant rain this fall, which is to the detriment to fire safety as we have recently witnessed in Paradise & Malibu. On the other hand, we have been able to install many of the underground utilities around the Temple, and we anticipate getting the vast majority of them in place prior to the rainy season. Keep the fire safety of the entire state in your prayers and along with positive thoughts for the Temple of Light.

In the past month we have installed the following exterior utilities: the septic tank and connecting lines, drainage from 3/4 of all the roof drains, a PG&E buried power piping and a new water line to the Temple.

The exterior has seen the completion of all the blue tile on the Sanctuary dome, the copper details at the top of the dome, the membrane roofing around the dome and water proofing layers on the rest of the roof. The vast majority of all exterior wood framing is complete, just a few details at the entry remain. The blue metal roof should be installed in December.

The interior has made giant steps forward as the heating/cooling ducts are mostly installed, the sprinkler system is 3/4 complete, the rough plumbing is complete, and electrical is beginning to be installed. The interior wood framing is mostly finished, with some intricate details remaining to be completed over the next month.

In the Sanctuary, the light shelf is complete around the base of the dome and the Altar is beginning to take shape…. see the pictures below of the altar columns taking form and initial mock ups of the altar pictures of the Masters and the spiritual eye.

With God & Guru’s grace, we will be complete by the 50th Anniversary  Celebration in July – but we still need your prayers and donations, as there is still many items left to complete and more funds needed to finish the work. Thanks for your support. Jai Guru!!

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