The interior of the Temple Sanctuary dome has been sheet rocked! They are now taping the seams and mudding the joints, soon to begin the final finish… then paint – wow! We are doing this first so we can be completed with the ceiling work and then begin constructing the altar dais. The paint color of the dome has been an interesting process as we try to find a paint finish that gives us a feeling of “The Temple of Light” – being both uplifting and within our budget. We will hone in on a final choice in the next week so we can keep moving in the right direction – toward ultimate completion! Onward…

Interior rough electric is continuing and will be complete this week. After that, we will insulate all the walls and begin sheet rocking the rest of the building – hopefully next week.

The outside has been touched by a bit of snow and below freezing temps, but our fearless stucco lath crew has hardly missed a beat. They will complete the exterior lath this week, then we can begin layering stucco on the exterior as the weather permits. The goal is to have the two base layers of stucco applied by first part of March, then wait until May to apply the final finish coat and color.

On Saturday, we had the awesome stream-a-thon and raised another $80k for the Temple, so everything is moving in the right direction. Keep on keepin’ on, with your thoughts, prayers and support. Also, keep your eyes open for the Seva week during Memorial Day weekend, when we will be calling on you to come help finish up the landscaping and exterior touches. Too much joy!

Babaji keeping watch over the project

Dome sheet rocked

Taping and mudding the dome

Mudding the joints

Temple in Snow

Snowy Dome

Our intrepid lathers making it happen, regardless of weather!

Morning prayer circle

and more wires….

More wires….

David Lawrence wiring the panel

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