Finishes are now being applied in many places as we approach 4 weeks to go! The beautiful Seva Week brought the landscaping up to a new level, with beds planted at the entry and along the driveway. Now it’s time for the building to follow suit.

With the perfect weather now blessing us, the stucco crew is back in action and applying the final color coat. They will be completed by the end of next week, June 7th.

The circle drive is being tended to this week and asphalt is going down as I write this blog. They will complete the asphalt by the end of tomorrow, then the rest of the parking will be groomed with fresh gravel. The scope of the asphalt includes the circle drive at the porte-cochere, the accessible parking spaces, the steep hill approaching the circle drive, and a new lane at the entry to the site at Assisi Hill.

The interior tile work is all set in place and the grouting is being applied. They should be complete by the end of the week or so. The tile pattern at the entry and Hall of the Masters is exquisite, and really sets the mood for the Temple. The pictures don’t do it justice, so you’ll have to see it in person!

Painting is continuing will full abandon, as is final electrical, plumbing, audio and video systems. Within three weeks the majority of the work will be completed and final items will be attended to. Jai Guru!

Stay posted and keep up the loving support and energy!

Here’s the link to the video of the Seva Week!

Graveling the areas to be asphalted

Final stucco color going on!

Tile pattern in the Hall of the Masters

Pablo making the tile come to life….

Asphalt at the accessible parking spaces

More color coat….

Lay that asphalt!

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