We are continuing to move forward on all fronts, both on the interior and exterior. We have finally gotten out of the rainy weather – for the most part – so we can begin many of the outside projects as well as blast forward on the interior finishes.

The exterior stucco base coats are all complete and we finally have a good look at the Temple entry arch. There are still trim pieces and color coating to happen, but we now have a feeling for the entry – nice! There is work proceeding on the concrete sidewalks next to the building and the first of these walkways will be poured next week.

On the interior, the altar arch is nearing completion with the sheet rock finishing. In the classroom wing, the ceiling grid for the suspended acoustical ceiling was installed and now all the electrical connections for the ceiling lights can proceed. The interior doors are being installed, along with the casing and base trim. Painting is also beginning, as we are preparing for some of the cabinets to be installed next week.

All in all, we usually have four or five trades in the building on any given day, with everyone coordinating with each other to keep the ship moving forward in a satvic manner. It’s all a blessing to see it come together. Jai Guru!  Jai Babaji!

Babaji blessing the work on the altar!

Arjuna installing lotus doors into a class room

Measure twice, cut once!

Front entry elevation

Entry arch revealed

Cullen cutting trim

Forming for the concrete walkways

Porte Cochere

Ceiling grid in the entry area

Archway over entry door into the Sanctuary

Ramp railings beginning to be installed

olony Leaders meditating at Temple Altar

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