All burners are on full as we steam ahead with the Temple of Light. Many trades are on site this week, most notably, the stucco contractor is doing his magic on the exterior of the Temple. They applied the first “scratch” coat this week and will apply the “brown” coat next week. After letting it cure for 3 or more weeks, the final finish/color coat will go on during first part of May.

Inside, the sheet rock texturing continues in the Class Room wing, and the sheet rock is being installed on the exterior walls and columns in the Sanctuary. The two toilet rooms are tiled and being grouted. The doors and trim have arrived on site, so the painting and installing of these will begin next week……wow…. I’m tried just writing about it!

All is going well and we appreciate your support on all levels. Jai Guru!

Finally, here’s a fun time lapse from the studio of Kent Williams!

First stucco layers applied to the exterior

Entry receiving stucco

Laying the mud!

Stucco on the porte cochere

Stucco on the south side

Paint tent with primed trim

Mitch installing sheet rock in the Sanctuary

Men’s toilet is tiled and grouted!

Hall of the Murtis

Ceiling work in the Hall of the Murtis

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