All the crews and subs are on board and things are flying at the site. We are working inside and out, six or seven days a week. Were starting the major sprint to the finish..

On the exterior, we have started laying all the concrete at the entry piazza. By the end of this week, all the entry walkways will be completed and we’ll start working on the walkways on the driveway side. The concrete is all colored and stamped, similar to the concrete at the Moksha Mandir.

Stucco trim is also being installed. The trim is actually made of styro-foam, then coated with cement. It is used to create the banding at the bottom and top of the walls, around the windows and at the entry arch. The color coat of stucco is then applied over the top. That will start happening next week.

On the interior, painters are mostly finished with the class room wing of the building. The acoustic ceiling grid is in, as are many of the lights. Cabinets are installed and counter tops are in place. Wood trim is being installed in the Sanctuary as the last final push of woodwork. The painters will move in there next.

The glass in the bottom of the cupola was installed this week, after much maneuvering. It was a tricky install, but it is in place. LED lights will be installed in the cupola, then that part will be complete. The glass is “smart glass,” meaning we can make it clear or opaque to keep the sun out, or somewhere in between.

We have less than 8 weeks to complete the project, so keep us in your prayers, and keep your eyes open for seva events. We will have a seva work party from May 23th – 27th, in coordination with Rajarsi Day at the Village. We have 70+ people signed up. Come join the fun!

Finally, there will be some more fund raising opportunities, with campaigns for the chairs and more tiles to sign!! Keep up the support, we couldn’t do it without you…. joy!

Forming for concrete piazza.

Concrete truck comes at 5:30 a.m…

Pumping concrete into the piazza

Lots of mud to play in!

Cory Terray dancing with the concrete, a master at work.

Final product of first concrete pour.

Neal working with Neetri & Willie to remove masking after the paint is sprayed

Netri & Willie spraying paint in the Hall of the Masters

Cupola glass ready for install

Cupola glass in place!

Tom Taylor and his ever smiling face!

Stucco trim at the entry

Foam stucco trim detail

Cabinets installed in the Altar/Flower Prep room

Aaron and Jesse installing trim

Stucco trim gong on the windows and doorsForming for the concrete piazza at the entry

Building the window trim

Cullen, Arjuna & Jesse installing window trim

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