Paramhansa Yogananda came to the west in 1920 to show that the real purpose of religion is to inspire an inner realization. As we approached the 100th anniversary of his arrival in America, his message of Self-realization is needed now more than ever. In inner communion, we begin to know on the deepest levels our being that we are a part of all that is, that we are simply a wave on the ocean of infinite spirit, and all we need to do is merge back into that blissful ocean. Yogananda said that this inner Self-realization would unite all religions. As we dive deeper into that presence of the Divine within us, we come to see that outward forms start to lose their importance. Race, nationality and religion will slowly lose prominence in our minds as we recognize that we, and that everyone, is simply a part of that one Blissful Presence.

It is in this spirit that the new Temple of Light is being built at Ananda Village. While grounded in the path the Yogananda brought, it serves as a reminder that at the heart of all great religions, indeed at the heart of every being, resides the truth we all seek.

This is why I decided to support the temple of light with our new folding altars. As truth-seekers it is our responsibility to bring as much light into the world as we can. This world will throw at us lots of confusion, tension, and chaos. We need to do what we can to balance it with light, peace and harmony.

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