The grading for the Temple and parking has been proceeding as expected and is nearly complete as of today. The biggest part of the job was to cut the grade at the Temple building site and use it to fill the immense valley which separated the Temple from the new parking area, which is north of the Temple near the St. Francis Center. This allowed us to create the driving approach to the Temple and the circular drive at the Temple’s covered walkway. The fill is over 12 feet deep in some areas, so it was quite the task. The grading contracts did an excellent job and the final product feels very natural with a nice flow to the Temple entry.

The parking areas are also graded and ready for gravel. All the grading was completed to allow for 153 parking spaces – plus 24 golf cart spaces. Included in this work was grading at the western end of the parking area to create an expanded area of parking on the lower level. This is indeed a lot of parking (pun intended!) but the good news is that the parking is mostly unseen from the Temple site and the Expanding Light. Once the gravel goes down this week, much of the area will be immediately available for parking.

The area of the circular driveway before the fill.

Circular driveway in process of being filled.

Installing the culvert for drainage.

Working on the western parking area and enlarging the lower level.

12 feet of fill to create the circular driveway.

The circular drive as seen from the approach from the parking area.

Grading for parking near the St. Francis Center

Final Grading of the circular driveway at the Temple.

Over the next month, the final details of the parking will be completed and the entire site will be seeded and strawed so it will get through the winter in good shape. The plan is to submit for permits at the first of the year and begin construction in April! It’s truly happening…. Jai Guru!



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