The Temple of Light is officially underway as the builders have started the foundation work for the structure. In May, the trenches were dug for footings and for all under-slab piping. The first concrete was poured on June 1st as the interior footings received concrete in preparation for the “Big Pour.” On June 14th, the entire slab of 11,097 square feet will be poured in one big effort…. stay tuned for that momentous event!

Aerial view of footings before first concrete pour.

Ananda Community comes together to bless the builders on April 20, 2018

Nakula begins digging the footings late April

Nakula and Arjuna working together for footing joy!

Trenches for under-slab piping and footings

Lots of stuff under the slab. This is not your typical Ananda structure we’re building!

Ken & Neal make the rebar happen. Ken Machalis is a graduate of the Living Wisdom High School and 6 year master cook at The Expanding Light Retreat. Now he’s cooking up a new recipe, bending rebar for the Temple foundation. Welcome to the Temple crew Ken!

Aaron & Jessie forming the foundation

Rama & David puttin’ in the bar, one stick at a time.

Steel reinforcing for the Temple Dome. This puppy ain’t goin’ nowhere!

Finally, June 1, 2018…. pumping concrete into the footings and interior foundation.

David, Cullen and Neal playing in the mud… this is what it’s all about.

Ken keeping the bolts clean…. now let’s get ready for the BIG POUR on June 14th!

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