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Claim Freedom from Past Habits and Patterns

Devalila Veenhof February 20, 2020

The practice of Kriya Yoga brings more calmness and joy in our lives. There is greater focus and concentration. We are less reactive and better able to live in harmony with others and with our own Higher Self.

By living in divine attunement by daily meditation, right attitude, and right living, you’ll change your habits across the board, and change them permanently. When you take those mental tendencies up to a higher level of consciousness, it’s like taking fish out of water — the habits don’t have any ground in which to survive. That’s why Yogananda often said, ‘God doesn’t mind your faults. He only minds whether you love Him enough.’ If you just keep trying to get more in tune with God and to live more and more in that state of divine attunement, you’ll reach the point where your habits will have changed without you even knowing it. You’ll suddenly realize you’ve become a different person. —Swami Kriyananda

Kriya yoga is the greatest tool for living in divine attunement. The daily practice of Kriya changes us from the inside out. With a daily, consistent practice of Kriya yoga, those things that held us back, soon start to fall away. We reach a point where we are no longer driven by old habit patterns, but are more free to live in harmony with the divine and with our true soul nature.