From Teepees to a Temple of Light

It began with young idealistic hippies living in teepees in the forest and spending their days meditating and practicing yoga principles. Today, it’s a thriving community of about 200 with a school, two spiritual retreats, several businesses and a stunning new Temple of Light dedicated to the Indian spiritual teacher Paramhansa Yogananda and the world’s religions. Against all odds, Ananda … Read More

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The Spirit of Service

[youtube] A message from Nakula Cryer, construction manager for the Temple of Light at Ananda Village: It was 1977. The year before, a forest fire had swept through the first Ananda community and burned virtually all the houses, including my own humble yurt. I was building a new home. An octagonal log dome, built from trees killed by the … Read More

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May 2018 – Temple Foundation Underway!

The Temple of Light is officially underway as the builders have started the foundation work for the structure. In May, the trenches were dug for footings and for all under-slab piping. The first concrete was poured on June 1st as the interior footings received concrete in preparation for the “Big Pour.” On June 14th, the entire slab of 11,097 square … Read More

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Building Permit Success!

Moments ago, the building permit for the Temple of Light at Ananda Village was approved! This has been a long journey and we are grateful to Divine Mother, our Masters, and the devoted Ananda family around the world who have been praying for this moment! Jai Guru!

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Building Permit Submitted

On January 31, 2018, Panduranga (the architect) submitted complete building plans for the Temple of Light at Ananda Village to the local county planning office in order to acquire the requisite construction permit this spring. “It could not have been a smoother process–thanks for all the prayers and light. Full steam ahead!” announced Panduranga to the core planning team here … Read More

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Volunteer Seva Week

[youtube] Join us and volunteer to build the Temple of Light at Ananda Village. This is a service opportunity and we are working out the logistics so that there are free, low-cost, and premium options to participate. Please register to attend or let us know you’re interested!

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500 Miles for the Temple of Light

Oct 6, 2017 | * I walked to Santiago from France in 37 days! Truly an amazing, blessed, joyful, and insightful pilgrimage. My arrival day had been long – from 8:00am to 5:00pm – of nearly constant walking. My fitbit watch reported 22 miles, and my hips felt like each of my legs could simply disengage from the body. Nevertheless my spirit … Read More

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Fundraising For God: A Whole New Paradigm

One busy afternoon three days ago, I stood with my colleagues at Ananda Sangha Worldwide, reliving the joys we experienced during Spiritual Renewal Week (SRW) 2017. We unanimously agreed on three things: 1) Each year we think we cannot possibly be more inspired, 2) Each year we think the speakers cannot possibly do better, 3) Each year they do and … Read More

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Altars for Light

Paramhansa Yogananda came to the west in 1920 to show that the real purpose of religion is to inspire an inner realization. As we approached the 100th anniversary of his arrival in America, his message of Self-realization is needed now more than ever. In inner communion, we begin to know on the deepest levels our being that we are a … Read More