All of the activities described here are intended as models from which your own imagination and intuition, and that of your children, can freely flow. They are not intended to be set precepts for you to follow. You have a unique and special relationship with your children. No one else win know your children in quite the same way you do. No one else will have the same special moments with your children. Draw ideas from as many different sources as you can find, but use those ideas as seed thoughts, not as dictums. Always think, “How will this suit my children?” And then don’t be afraid to alter that idea in ways that will make it truly meet the needs, temperaments, and interests of your children.

Trust yourself, and trust the divine power in this universe to support your efforts to help your children unfold spiritually. If you are open, receptive, and courageous enough to try new ideas, the insights and inspiration that you need will come to you. Writing this book has been a wonderful reminder to me of just how we really are given what we need when we need it. Most of the stories and illustrations are of activities that occurred spontaneously as a result of what seemed at the time to be just a passing thought or idea. Only after the activity was completed was I able to recognize how perfectly suited it was to a specific need or moment. Remember: Don’t worry about the outward form of a particular activity. Focus instead on the inner experience and enjoy the special times you share with your children. Look for those especially receptive moments and seize them. They may quickly pass.

Keep in mind that you do not have to present yourself to your children as a finished product. You are a work in progress. Sometimes modeling the journey is more beneficial for them than trying to give them the answers. It shows the children how they too can travel along this road of inner awakening. They can learn where to look for help and guidance when they get lost and don’t know an answer. You will not always be there for them. Giving them a road map for a journey, their journey, is a great blessing for them.

Finally, it can be very inspiring for children when you share your own experiences, excitement, and love of this inner journey with them. There is an almost irresistible magnetism that exists when someone shares something that she is deeply devoted to. The joy and fulfillment that you feel will be transferred to your children and will give them an increased sense of purpose for their own efforts. Offer that precious gift to your children.

May the inner lives of you and your children grow ever deeper and more expansive.