From Richard and Kathy Scovel-Rodrigue:

Although we’ve only met briefly in person, you have had a profound affect on our lives. You’ve brought us Master’s teachings in a form we can integrate into our daily lives. You’ve created Ananda, where we can live, work and serve this great work, surrounded by inspiring god-filled souls.

Now, more than ever, we see God’s light shining through you, and we feel blessed to have known you.

Thank you and god bless you!

Dear Swamiji,

Each year as your birthday approaches, I think, “What can I offer as a gift to someone who consciously needs nothing for their happiness?” As I ponder the possibilities I remember all that you have meant to me in this life. The longer I think about it, the more impossible it is to imagine a gift that can adequately express what is in my heart.

The greatest gift that I can imagine is one that only Master can give you — that final touch which propels you into the Infinite Arms forever. Although I can’t give this to you, on this your birthday, I offer my most sincere prayer to God and Gurus that that moment may be brought to you some small moment sooner through the power of my love and appreciation for you.

My arms embrace you, may heart touches yours, and my soul hangs ever on to the hem of your discipleship in the hopes that I may join you in our heavenly home.

May god ever bless you,


Dearest Swamiji,

When I look at the light and blessedness in my life, a fullness I never dreamed possible — I am aware that your friendship has made it possible — and I am full beyond words. When I look around and see how many others have been similarly touched I am in awe and yearn to be worthy of that friendship — and to try every more to repay that gift by trying to learn more perfectly how to share it with others.

When I saw this bronze statue (photograph) in La Verna, I saw not only St. Francis and Jesus, but you and Master, and felt ever more deeply that joyful, loving relationship between all disciples and gurus. Thank you for the moment to moment sharing of a living example and welcoming us all to join in and grow in that. I am eternally grateful for your friendship in Master. Happy and Blessed 70th Birthday, Swamiji with all our love,

Eric and Erica

Dear Swamiji,

One side of one piece of paper isn’t adequate to describe what Master and Ananda mean to me. but I can say that the two have for me become inextricably linked, because nowhere else have I seen what I perceive to be Master’s spirit so wonderfully demonstrated. No doubt we fall short of a perfect demonstration, but it is, as you say, a directional thing.

I was never particularly drawn to the concept of “community,” yet I have come to value Ananda’s expression of it more and more over the years. Especially helpful for me has been the opportunity to live and work with many who are ahead of me on the path. I am privileged to see their examples of so many spiritual qualities: humility, willingness, cooperation, discipleship. It has helped me learn to look at life in quite a different way, to say the least. It’s often discouraging when I don’t measure up, but there are even examples of people dealing with discouragement. Amazing!

It’s a credit to the disciple’s life you live that all this has been built at Ananda. I know you always say that it’s Master’s power that has built Ananda, but without your efforts to express, clarity, and focus that power, I can’t imagine how all this could have happened. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your tireless dedication to Master’s ideal of World Brotherhood colonies. And I thank Master for bringing me here to experience his ray so vividly.

Blessings on your birthday,

Rich McCord

Dear Swami,

Thank you for all you have given me.

As my attunement to the Master’s ray gradually deepens and matures, my gratitude to you intensifies accordingly.

On this planet, you are my primary guide and teacher in this thrilling process of self-realization. What a great privilege it is to be drawn ever more deeply into the influence of your leadership, of your presence!

Happy birthday, dear Sir.

Love, Rick Lane

Happy 70th Birthday dearest Swamiji,

Beloved friend, I wish and pray for this 70th year to bring you the greatest and deepest realizations. I thank Guru deeply for sending you to create Ananda. You have done a great work! The pages of this book testify to that.

I have placed these pictures to represent a special dream I had. I was under a great Banyan Tree and I saw you and all my Ananda family there. We were all under the umbrella of Master’s love. A spiritual family forever. Gad bless you Beautiful One.

Rodger Hall

Dear Swamiji,

Birthday blessings!

As I was contemplating your birthday, I thought, what joyful and meaningful occasion it is for all of us. My next thought was, what if you hadn’t’ been born. It is hard even to consider, but it really made me think deeply about what the consequences would be. No Ananda, none of your music, none of your books, I might never have known Master, what a tragedy.

I have always appreciated all you have done for me, but when I look at it from the perspective of never having known you, I really see how much you have influenced and guided my life.

Thank you dear Swamiji for choosing this life. You have given so much in all that you do, and thousands have benefited from your life.

May God and Master continue to bless you, and bless us all through you. You have truly given us a path to God by your example.

In divine love and friendship,

Gloria Dunnagan

Happy Birthday Swamiji!

Our family would like to express our deep appreciation for our life here at Ananda. When Master envisioned World Brotherhood colonies he envisioned a place where we would work, worship and live together in God. Through your inspiration and guidance Ananda has become that place for us.

Through your example of discipleship we have been encouraged to develop a rich inner life that is untouched by outer circumstances and events. This gift that you have given us is the most important gift anyone could give another. Your dedication to spreading Master’s teachings has given us and countless others the tools to develop this inner life.

May Master continue to shine through you, blessing you and guiding you as he brings you home;

With deep love and gratitude for your friendship in God,

Sharon, Tom, Sonya, Tami, Ian and Ryan

For Me, You are Ananda, My Life

Deep within my heart is a place of quietness and bliss,

This is Ananda.

Fulfilling work as an instrument of Master, moving forward His plan for World Brotherhood Colonies,

This is Ananda.

Divine friendship, understanding, help when needed,

This is Ananda.

Serving His work, sharing the teachings, an expansion of consciousness,

This is Ananda.

Surrounded in Master’s vibrations, feeling His energy flow through me,

This is Ananda.

A perfect disciple, you dear Swamiji, are the channel for these endless blessings,

You are Ananda.

My Life, My Joy, My All,


Dear Swami,

Thank you for all that you do to carry the light of Master’s presence. Were it not for reading your book, The Path, and hearing your words written for the Festival of Light, I would have turned my back and closed my heart to God.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me to find the courage to open again to his healing presence.

With much love and gratitude and many blessings,

Zahara Freedman

Happy Birthday, Swamiji!

It’s truly our greatest blessing that you were born and that you have done Master’s will and created Ananda.

Thank you for all you have done for so many. I’m so very privileged and grateful to have you for my spiritual teacher.

It was such a great blessing to go to India this part year and to be able to spend time with you there. I am still feasting on the experience.

By watching you live your life I am learning contentment and to “live in the remembrance of what I am in truth: Bliss Infinite! Eternal Love.”

In Master’s grace,


Dear Swamiji,

I have often wanted to write and express my love and deep appreciation for all you do. I could never be as close to Master as I continue to become without your prayers and influence. I cannot imagine my life without you and if Ananda did not exist. I remain forever grateful.

Your example of life and dedication is always in my heart. It gives me strength and the message — anything impossible can be done!

Happy Birthday and many, many more

My love in Master,

Margie Bazan

Dear Swami Kriyananda,


My name is Blanche Agassy, and I am from Israel. I have been at Ananda Village 3 1/2 years. Since I came I have been serving at the Expanding Light (except 4 months — living at the Seclusion Retreat). It has been the joy and the light of my life! Through working here I grow ever closer towards God. It’s always inspiring to me to watch the guests that come for retreat. Even for a weekend! The transformation in incredible. I came to realize that the vibrations here at Ananda, the energy that the people that live here radiate, and the grace of God are the main ingredients for that process.

I am thankful to you for your vision, for your attunement with Master and God and for all that you have created here — that help me and so many other souls to grow ever more closer to God!!

Blessings and Love,


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