Dearest Swamiji,

Im grateful to share my love with you at this time, your birthday.

During the past 8 1/2 years I have been part of Ananda, in Seattle and here at Ananda Village I feel I have grown deeper in God’s calmness and peace. It’s such a beautiful opportunity to live and work with so many beautiful and strong devotees of Masters. I pray daily that I can serve Him in stronger, and more complete ways in my life; and to be able to see you and so many as examples, thrills my heart.

Thank you for all you’ve done to make Ananda a reality, a place to support the spiritual life of so many, a place to serve God and master, a place to heal the body, mind and soul in the peace and love through prayer and service of those who live and visit here. My life has truly blossomed because of this.

My soul and heart thrill with Masters joy as I think of him, as I think of you and all you’ve shared in good times, in difficult times, as an example of a disciple we can all endeavor toward, as I spend time with others who hold Master dear, as I meet people who come for a visit to Ananda and their souls have been touched and their beings have been changed forever by His love, as I remember Divine Mothers promises to me as I struggle to remain steady at Ananda and to continue to serve in all ways, in many ways, as I reach for the highest within myself and my perceptions of others, as I learn clearer and clearer ways to express Masters ray through Ananda, and as I sing in the choir the music that [you wrote which] inspires me and changes me towards Gods joyous light.

Thank you Swamiji for the prayers, the support, the love you have shared with me personally and impersonally, as well as with all of my family and my spiritual family.

May Master, Divine Mother and Heavenly Father bless you ever more deeply with their love,

In Divine Friendship,

Marjorie McDougal

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