I first met Kriyananda in a dream.

I had only been trying to practice yoga and meditation for a few months. I was living in Arizona, in the desert, though I consider it my cooling out period. I had read the Autobiography and The Path , but I hadnt yet visited Ananda.

One night, I dreamed that I was in a drive-in, one of the old hamburger places like we used to drive our cars to in our younger days. There was a 60-something, blue, four-door Chevrolet parked in the lot. (I later found out that this specific car was affectionately known as Air Force One.)

I walked over to the car, and Swami was sitting in the back. He rolled down the window and, as I leaned over, he said Sat chit ananda.

Thats all. The first time I met him, I naturally asked him about it. He didnt say much. It could be possible, he said. Ive never forgotten it.

Tom Shott

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