In the 1930s, Paramhansa Yogananda requested disciples to live close to nature and lead simple, spiritually-focused lives, growing at least some of their own food. By 1970, Swami Kriyananda had asked Ananda to incorporate this idea.

By working closely with nature and consciously interacting with her, we have found that we can increase our awareness that we are a part of all that is. This has led Ananda to 43 years of organic agriculture, humane dairy and wool farming, and uplifting meditation gardens for our communities and neighbors.

Like Luther Burbank, who Yogananda called “an American saint,” we commune with our plants and produce growth for both our crops and our farmers.

Ananda has organic farms and gardens along the West Coast of the US, and most offer apprenticeships and short visits.

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Seattle Area

We participate in 3 farmers markets, run a 50 member CSA, provide a diverse array of herbal medicinals and body care products, and a line of textiles made from the fiber of our alpacas.

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Ananda Village, Nevada City, California

Ananda Farm (a CCOF registered Farm) has served the greater community by participating in local farmers’ markets, selling food to large wholesale distributors, running an herbal business with both product and plants for sale, and supplying Ananda Village with seasonal produce.

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Crystal Hermitage Gardens, Ananda Village

A beautiful garden that includes indoor and outdoor meditation spaces, and is home to an annual tulip festival each April. Swami Kriyananda, founder of Ananda, is laid to rest here.

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Yogoata Dairy Farm, Ananda Village

Yogoata makes fresh raw goat dairy products for residents of Ananda Village, such as milk, yogurt, kefir, and cheese. There is also a herd of male goats that eat away at the vegetation on the property, helping protect the Village from wildfires.

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Ananda Permaculture Garden, Ananda Village

The vision and manifestation of Ananda’s Permaculture gardens has been facilitated by Alex and Devadasi Forrester, certified Permaculture designers of 15 years. These gardens have been made possible by the volunteer efforts and donations of hundreds of people interested in creating an alternative, sustainable food system.

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Half Moon Bay, California

We are your local farmers. We work and grow all the produce on this beautiful property in Half Moon Bay. It offers the perfect environment, with cool moist mornings and sunny afternoons.

We work with and plant every seed and seedling by hand. Plants and seeds are chosen for flavor and vitality. Plants respond to the love we feel for them. You can taste it in the food.