Farming and Sustainability

farm apprenticesIn the 1930s, Paramhansa Yogananda requested devotees to live close to nature and lead simple, God-focused lives, growing at least some of their own food. By 1970, Swami Kriyananda had asked Ananda to incorporate this idea.

By working closely with nature and consciously interacting with her, devotees have found that they can increase their awareness that they are a part of all that is. This has led Ananda to 43 years of organic agriculture, growing prasad — holy food — for our communities and neighbors and viewing plant growing as one of our spiritual practices.

Like Luther Burbank, who Yogananda called “an American saint,” we commune with our plants and produce growth for both our crops and our farmers.

Contact Information for Ananda Farms

Seattle Area

Zach Abbey and Hailey Anderson
749 Tycory Lane
Camano Island, WA 98282

Ananda Village, Nevada City, California

Ananda Farm

Ananta and Maria McSweeney
14618 Tyler Ft Rd, 37
Nevada City, Ca 95959

Ananda Permaculture Garden

Devadasi Forrester
14618 Tyler Ft Rd, 37
Nevada City, Ca 95959

Laurelwood, Oregon

Sharon Kelly

Half Moon Bay, California

Located on Frenchmans Creek Rd, Half Moon Bay, CA
Ceremonial blessing for the new farm on — October 5th, 2013 at 2:00 pm
Nayaswami Biraj

Sowing the Future: A Call to Devotee Farmers

I know you are there
in the tapestry of time,
like a seed dormant,
waiting to behold beauty and abundance.

I know you are there,
yearning for a place
teaming with life
whose pulse is your own.

I know you are there,
who will steward this land,
reaching deep to it’s depth
in partnership with life.

Ours is the blessing
in Spirit and Nature,
sowing the future
for all of creation.