It is a series of 28 recorded classes and certification program, which covers in-depth, the art and science of leadership as practiced at Ananda.

This program has a three-fold purpose:

  1. The first purpose is to present a comprehensive course in the special style of decision making and leadership that has developed at Ananda over the last forty years.
  2. The second is to train the next generation of Ananda leaders in the basic skills of leadership as a living expression of the principles Swami Kriyananda outlined in his book, The Art of Supportive Leadership
  3. Finally, this course offers unique satsang with the people and vibration that has made Ananda what it is today. The classes are taught by many of Ananda’s founding members and most experienced leaders.
Anyone who understands how important it is for a spiritual seeker to develop the necessary skills to help individuals, groups, or themselves move forward spiritually. These classes are also applicable to an individual’s personal life, even if he or she has no plans to be in a position of leadership. In many ways, the essence of the course is about how to live your life in deeper attunement with God’s will and to help others do the same.
Watching all the classes, doing all five projects, and thus obtaining a formal certificate of completion will say to yourself and the world that you have committed energy to learning and applying the practical skills offered in this course. The five student projects are: 1) Create a Discipleship Class Series, 2) Organize a Weekend Retreat, 3) Create a Budget for a Project – Income and Expenses, 4) Create a five-year plan, 5) Develop a Marketing Plan.
You could share the cost by having only one person registered. The down-side is that only that one person is eligible for certification. To help us cover the costs, some sort of donation from those watching as a group would be appreciated. How can I find a group like this happening near me? Contact your nearest Ananda Colony, Center, or Meditation Group.
While the first section of the course is focused on “Minister Training Skills,” this training does not qualify one to become an officially ordained Ananda Minister. However, it will offer you the tools you need to serve others in many ways. It will also help you in your individual attunement with God and our line of masters.
Absolutely! You cannot review these principles too much. We all need all the inspiration we can get; this is sure to be an inspiring course with top-notch teachers. Many of the subjects in these classes have never been taught before and certainly nothing of this scope of training has ever been offered previously through Ananda.
It is to help the current and the next generation of people affiliated with Ananda, regardless of age or experience level. It will help you lead your own life in the directions in which your soul is calling you.
It will serve you well in preparing for any level of responsibility, including a more behind-the-scenes role. It will also help you to offer appropriate spiritual guidance to others.

As disciples or truthseekers we need to remember Yogananda’s primary instructions to us:

1) To love, commune with, and merge with God through meditation and devotion, AND

2) To be willing to share the blessings and teachings we receive with others as the opportunity arises. This second part is primarily what the course is designed to help us accomplish.

It would help you establish the foundation or possibility for doing this, but more hands-on leadership experience certainly would be needed before it would be possible.