• examples: 5 times per week for 15 minutes; 20 minutes daily
  • Ananda Spiritual Counseling® Training FAQs
  • Terms & Conditions for Ananda Spiritual Counseling ® Course

    Participants must agree to the following terms & conditions for this course:

    a) You will not share the course manual or other course materials with anyone.

    b) A letter of completion of Ananda Spiritual Counseling® Course depends upon:
    • Satisfactory performance on all assignments (including on-time completion).
    • Full, regular, and meaningful participation in all course activities.
    c) Course requirements (for full course Units 1-6) include the following tasks, for which The Expanding Light and Online with Ananda do not provide technical support:
    • Practice counseling another participant via Zoom (or a similar internet video chat service on multiple occasions..
    • Make short videos, and post them on YouTube (or a similar service). Videos can be made with a smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.; no special video equipment is required.
    d) This distance-learning version of Ananda Spiritual Counseling® Training (full course Units 1-6) offers credit toward Level 2 Ananda Meditation® Teacher Training, Ananda Yoga® Therapy Training (and therefore Yoga Therapist certification via the International Association of Yoga Therapists), and continuing education for Yoga Alliance RYTs. It does not count toward Level 2 Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training certification because Yoga Alliance does not yet recognize online courses.

    f) Completion of the self-paced version for Units 1-3 does not entitle the participant to receive a letter of completion for the full training unless conditions b-c are satisfied for all Units 1-6.